Teddy Bear Therapy

We used Teddies for spiritual healing.

It works this way.

In the sound of our voices is the resonance of all we are, our fears, our hope, our joy, our sorrows. Our sound is unique. Our WORD – our creative power. The wise tell us that we need to be careful of the words we say, the thoughts we think because they are loaded with energy that might backlash on ourselves and that “as you think and speak, so you are.”

This is a heavy responsibility for a spiritual creature. It means he/she has to control his human-ness sometimes in an effort to be “good” or loving or spiritual. Sometimes we carry about with us thoughts which we are ashamed to think, emotions we’d like not to have, and reactions to the world around us which we’d never utter. Sometimes our thoughts become a heavy weight – a millstone!

There is an old saying – “Never let the sun go down on your wrath.” The old people knew something and maybe they didn’t use the terms mental hygiene, but they knew anyway. So that’s where a Teddy Bear (or stuffed toy ) is man’s best friend at certain times. All Teddy Bears automatically take the vow of confidentiality and also the Hippocratic oath. You will find a special bear or soft animal you can use to speak your thoughts out to, to be constantly empathetic by the kind and understanding look in the eyes, warm and comforting by the softness of the body and extremely helpful in patience and attentive demeanour.

Discuss unutterable things with your Bear. The WORDS must actually be spoken out loud – even whispered – but vocalised. This allows your unique sound to enter the stream of creative Word. All inadequacies, hurts, wants, requirements, angers and fears are registered in this way. And more importantly, the energy is released from the neck and shoulders as it flows out of the mouth. Afterwards you will notice a lightness of being and a lifting of spirit.

If your utterances are so ghastly that you feel awkward/uncomfortable speaking them (it’s amazing how shy you can get with a Teddy Bear!) or you feel that by speaking you will release some awful retribution on yourself, simply explain to your Bear that in your human capacity you are having trouble dealing with this or that and you request the you may transmute all negative energy into something positive. As you speak out, you release the heaviness of conserved, unspoken thoughts stored about your neck, throat and shoulders. You will have released your grief, hurt, pain and anger and feel comforted.

Your Bear will completely understand everything you say  – and you might even detect a loving glint in its eye.

Here is  picture of the last two Lion-Bears left over from the ones we used to use at The Place of Angels. They helped grown men cry.



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