Being subjective is OK – science fails to understand a lot

I’m going to write a bit about finding your Inner Angel  – a subjective experience that is often poo poo’d because YOU are the only one with the experience when you have it. You cannot “prove” your experience – scientifically. But actually, scientifically speaking, you cannot “prove” many things. So it’s easy to dismiss really good, nurturing stuff – like focusing on your spiritual life in the first place!

This is how I think it seems to work.

The earth and all its inhabitants have come into being by the intention of having a physical existence through which they experience themselves. The earth has many forms of life on it both visible and invisible. Human beings, animals, insects, plants, rocks, soil and the planet itself are visible and science only studies this part – they think it is all that exists!

The invisible aspects are creatures living in or on the earth, nature creatures, and creatures of the elements that are not perceivable by the human eye. Mankind has known this forever, but science denies such things exist. The fact that other dimensions – or angels – exist and can be communicated with by us, is a subjective experience and anything subjective is thrown out scientifically as not being objectively observable and therefore not “scientific”. Science requires more than one “observer”. Whatever is not experienced by the normal human senses is not accepted by science.

The American Military used to have scientifically trained persons using remote viewing as a technique to investigate other dimensions that co-exist with ours. The existence of other dimensions is not under question. All the teams of remote viewers in Military employment reported dimensions of those who had died – heaven – and also dimensions in which they found loving, conscious beings which they “scientifically” termed “Midwayers” . These “Midwayers” seemed to be what various religious and spiritual groups have called “Angels”. The “Midwayers” reported that their function was to assist humans. They were assumed to be a kind of extraterrestrial (well I suppose they are!) ” subspace helpers”. The big brass of the United States Army were somewhat thrown by these findings as “heaven” and “angels” had not been on their agenda! The remote viewers were not religious or spiritual persons – simply Army personnel, classifying the beings they met in their own terms.

You might find some more information in the book Cosmic Voyage

In fact our earth, visible and invisible and the many dimensions existing, are so vast, complex, and unexplored that our existing body of knowledge which science and medicine has, is “kids stuff”. Progress is being made with the new concept of multi-dimensional matter – not, of course, mystical in any way – but a step towards the moment that Einstein predicted where science and “majick” will fuse into one understanding.

So, I will be talking about ways to access these invisible realms, in few up-coming posts.



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