You are an “observer” – a wonderful thing

I am going to be talking about learning how to connect with the complex set of other, unseen, beings that live around us. But mainly, how to connect with our inner angels.

But first – who are WE?

We are “observers”, experiencing being alive here on earth in a physical form. We feel that as being conscious. We have bodies, and brains for doing and thinking. When we die, we go on. There is no death. Death would be a terrible waste for evolution. I don’t believe evolution wastes stuff. Consciousness evolves.

I think it works like this.

Linked to and interacting with earth is the earth plane called “heaven” “astral plane” or whatever your own personal terminology calls it, where our consciousness/observer goes to on death. “Dead people” populate this. It is a repository of “observers”, resting, waiting, working, learning – until a time comes for re-birth onto the earth, or a possible parallel dimension where they can experience themselves again.

Each one of us is our own “observer-self” – we observe the world around us moment by moment as we progress through our lives. Our own experience moulds our attitudes and beliefs. How we feel as the “observer” colours the experiences/interaction we have with our surroundings. Somehow, when we feel “lucky” – we are lucky, when we feel “loved” – everything is beautiful. If we have some money in the bank – we feel more confident than if we are penniless, battling debt.

One winter I used to walk home from work with a friend and we would separate at a beautiful little bush on a wall at the side of the road. Every night we commented on the catkins developing on the bush with joy, anticipating spring. They were really pretty. One night, after a day from hell at work, when we approached the bush, I saw the catkins under the streetlights as big grotesque worms hanging off the bush, ugly, repulsive. My mood was one of negativity – the victim of a bad day.

The mood of the “observer” reflects back from that which we observe.

How the “observer” learns to interact with the world around him is the aim of his lifetimes. A wise “observer” changes, alters, learns, grows, develops, and finally loves unconservedly.

But the mood of the observer – your mood – can tinge the experiences you might have when you try to communicate with beings in invisible realms.


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