We are not the only “observers” in our Cosmos

These posts, currently are for those interested in communicating with invisible beings, who understand that as well as the earth in its visible and invisible form, there are other dimensions populated by inhabitants experiencing themselves. These dimensions are many and the forms of life in them too numerous to imagine. Some forms are grotesque, exquisite, loving, hurtful, meddlesome, comic, wise or dim and live in their own paradigm.

These are the lower dimensions consisting of form. Our earth is dense. To change anything in it takes mental and physical effort. Our “heaven” is less dense and changing it is done with the mind. Other dimensional “observers” have physical form, which they can likewise change – shape shifting – according to the dimension they are in.

As well as the lower dimensions, which use form, there are strata/streams of consciousness/observers, that are virtually formless, ethereal, unsubstantial, spiritual creatures. Some have form – bodies of flowing light, which might look like cloaks, wings, gowns, and clothing. Angels are part of this group. Angels are customarily seen to have wings.

Angels have the task of assisting humans.

Then there are streams of consciousness, highly spiritually evolved consciousnesses, whose function one can only guess at and whom writers and mystics try to put into hierarchical order – which I am not even going to try.

Cautions to remember if we want to communicate with invisible beings are the same as we find in our physical lives.

We all communicate with the people around us that we can see. Simultaneously there are consciousnesses everywhere, unseen by our physical eyes – with which communication can also happen. We live in a sea of living consciousness, some less alert than our own, some quicker, wiser, less mature – just like the folk with which we come into contact daily. We withdraw from some people because they disturb us, influence us, drain us or give us the creeps! The same discrimination should be applied if we are going to open ourselves up to the personalities of the invisible realms.

It is possible to talk with all streams of consciousness around us in our physical life – nature consciousness, the spirit of the water, sea and sky, plants and animals and even seemingly inanimate things for all carry knowledge within themselves and are able to co-operate. Jamming doors, wilting plants, lost keys, parking places, dust and dishes become transformed objects if we are willing to be polite to them!

It follows then, that as we are telepathic creatures, we are able to interact with other creatures also, remembering that many in other dimensions are colourful and not always moral.


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