Choose your friends in other dimensions

These posts are about communication with invisible beings in other dimensions.

If we tumble into experiencing and interacting with anything telepathically or with our psychic senses we might set up relationships with – negative energy – meddlesome energies – hurtful energies – spiteful energies – violent energies. So there is one test that I was given by my human friend and mentor, which always works. Ask yourself  “does this feel light, clear, and loving?” and “am I comfortable with this?” She used to say “If you feel that some oddball is contacting you, a joker, a troublemaker, say ‘Move on – you’re not welcome here with me’”.

Once, I was in a very negative phase of my life, low and discouraged. I got into some ugly repetitious sequence in my head “haemorrhage” it said over and over until I wondered if I was going mad. I wasn’t sure if I was repeating the word or something else was. I am frightened of “haemorrhage” of any kind whether physical, emotional of financial, so every time the word popped into my head, I reacted with fear. Whatever was happening to me did not feel light, clear, happy or loving and I certainly wasn’t comfortable with it. I wondered if it was a warning – but having experienced warnings before, I knew they come clearly, with love. I believed that a negative thought form had hitched itself onto me having been attracted to my own negative condition. It was extremely hard work to shift my own “observer-self” into a more positive frame of mind and the “haemorrhage” thought form left me. Nothing transpired to show it was any kind of warning.

So the observer-self can affect the type of interaction with the invisible and it should always feel light, inspiring, clear and loving. Furthermore the observer needs to feel comfortable with what is happening. The release from the negative energy comes with the alteration of the observer-self and not by trying to repel the negative creature.


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