Why should anyone want to converse with invisible beings?

In these current posts, I am talking to those people who may wish to develop their skills of inter-dimensional communication.

In there, in that kind of communication,  there are some things to remember. It can be unpleasant if we are not discerning about our “friends” in other dimensions – the “chaps” we hang about with. Some are not nice. We have an observer self, but we are not the only observers in our Cosmos.  There are other consciousnesses all around us, and we may bump into them, purposefully, or by accident on our inner travels.

Where can you find such beings? Well, they occasionally “pop in” during meditation, in working with nature – gardening, walking, resting, contemplation etc. We will recognise them because their consciousness is so very different from our own. We will be surprised. The response of surprise is our inner signal that the idea in our heads is quite new or delightful – or insightful.

Why would you wish to converse with invisible beings? Well, simply. to gain wisdom. Some people have long standing relationships with their guides, angels or gurus. They are our teachers. But a conversation of thoughts with an ancient tree, or a river, or a handful of seeds, or an artefact, can be illuminating too.

There are protecting forces that apply to all dimensions as far as I understand things.

All beings both invisible and visible in the lower dimensions (ours!) are controlled by the laws of cause and effect. Millions of people have no thought for the results of their actions and this applies to our invisible populations too. But many are greatly wise, very careful, moral and loving. Those make good “friends”.

The reason interaction with a developed and loving creature/guide/friend/guru will feel comfortable is because they will never demand, force or pressure us into acting against their own or our best interests, though they might suggest with love, something that is pleasing to them and possibly beneficial to you.

Personality colours them too. They are as unique as the people around us. We don’t always agree with everything our friends say and we certainly don’t always do what they tell us. We use our faculty of discrimination. You don’t HAVE to listen to the teacher – ever.

The consciousness of plants and nature beings, are more slow to flow – like understandings, rather than conversations.

The laws of cause and effect will affect us also even in our dealings with inter-dimensional communication. If we wish to develop our psychic skill with the intention of personal power and the manipulation of others, we will set up a deficit spiritual bank balance. If we flaunt our skill in a way that might say “My angel is better than your angel”, we pay the price. Playing the spiritual slot machines does not pay off either – that is hoping continually for some kind of reward – ego boosting.

But an intention and desire to experience the whole of creation in our capacity of “observer” in this lifetime, so that we may grow in experience, compassion and understanding of all things, is an excellent motive for developing the skill of inter-dimensional communication. In this way we connect to the best energies.


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