Overdosing symptoms

When you investigate yourself as a fully functional inter-dimensional creature, you can begin to move energy around in your own physical body. Each new experience, new concepts and insights alter the way the energy streams into and out of your body. Energy centres can open up, develop and alter the physical body, sometimes in an … More Overdosing symptoms

Keep notes, keep notes!

An affirmation of seriousness in your pursuits in finding your inner angel or communicating with natural energies, or even accidental  “drop ins” you might meet, is to have a spiritual diary in which you record your dreams and insights, meditations and quiet times. Sometimes, even at midnight, you will need to write down what you … More Keep notes, keep notes!

Communicating with natural energies – start with trees

Natural energies need to be consulted where they are usually, in forests, rivers – in nature. Once you have practised some meditation skills, try meditating in a real garden. Meditation out-of-doors is more difficult You will find the streams of conscious creatures are so numerous around you in the outdoors and eager to make themselves … More Communicating with natural energies – start with trees

Ask, ask ask

Cont.. Once you have set up your perfect mental meditation place, or easily fall into the arms of your loving enfolding being waiting for the touch on your forehead because you have practised it, you are ready for adventure. The trick is to know that you have used your imagination to put the situation in … More Ask, ask ask

Tune yourself into your inter dimensional bubble

In these several posts, I am writing for people who are interested in communicating with beings that are invisible to our eyes, but exist in this same dimension. That’s why I call it inter-dimensional communication  – with natural energies and not supernatural creatures. I do not believe anything to be supernatural. And I’m not talking … More Tune yourself into your inter dimensional bubble