Tune yourself into your inter dimensional bubble

In these several posts, I am writing for people who are interested in communicating with beings that are invisible to our eyes, but exist in this same dimension. That’s why I call it inter-dimensional communication  – with natural energies and not supernatural creatures. I do not believe anything to be supernatural. And I’m not talking about communicating with those who have died, for that is different.

But who we meet and if they allow us to meet them, depends on inner attitude.

In order to get the best out of life as a fully functioning inter-dimensional creature, the first trick to learn is the one of staying in the bubble. I call it the bubble because when you’re in it you can tell by the feeling of rightness, lightness and upliftment it gives you.

To get there we need to keep the mood of our “observer-self” buoyant and positive. We develop the knowledge that all things are linked and this divinity of all things, works for our own good and the good of all things. We make it work through our own attitude.

When we feel omniscient (as I call it) or having an epiphany (as a friend calls it), we feel one with everything else. We manifest in this condition. Things are easy, synchronise and follow through in what seem like miraculous ways. This is our true nature and the way things should be. We are working as connected spiritual creatures. We are in the right mood to be attractive, appealing and approachable to others around us – gentle creatures – who become less timid now.

If we drop out of the bubble, life is difficult, hard, heavy and full of blockages. Our observer has dropped into the gross human paradigm. But this doesn’t have to be permanent and we don’t have to listen to the negative thoughts being whispered into our ears or see grotesque worms hanging off bushes in the half light of dusk when they really beautiful pale catkin flowers!

We need only alter the mood of our “observer-self” with our own will. We can choose to be positive or negative, victors or victims, happy or depressed, light-hearted or grim, omniscient or shrivelled.

It’s up to us.


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