Ask, ask ask


Once you have set up your perfect mental meditation place, or easily fall into the arms of your loving enfolding being waiting for the touch on your forehead because you have practised it, you are ready for adventure. The trick is to know that you have used your imagination to put the situation in place and anything other, that which is not what you have mentally constructed, is the thing to pay attention to. These other experiences can come into the mind as a thought so loud and impinging – not to be ignored – with a different quality to your own observer–mind that you are used to. A concept might develop gradually, unfolding with amazing clarity, an inspiration – always based on love, light, beautiful, special – unique. You might suddenly find some kind of sight opens out your imaginary construction into something else – new and different – or you meet someone, you find you are not alone. You are seeing clearly, sensing clearly, feeling clearly though your eyes are closed and your body is resting.

Refreshment is the result of both kinds of meditation, whether it is the kind you interact with life in your special place, or the kind where you lose yourself in a blank place. Blank space meditation is the most refreshing of the two and both can be used according to your need. Sometimes one leads to the other.

If anything unexpected happens to you, ask questions in your mind. ASK. Ask as soon as you don’t understand what you are experiencing or seeing.  Ask, “What am I seeing?” “Why am I seeing this?” What do you mean?” “Why are you telling me this?” “How do I know?” “What should I know?” “Who are you?” “What does this symbolise?” “Explain please” ASK.


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