Communicating with natural energies – start with trees

Natural energies need to be consulted where they are usually, in forests, rivers – in nature. Once you have practised some meditation skills, try meditating in a real garden. Meditation out-of-doors is more difficult You will find the streams of conscious creatures are so numerous around you in the outdoors and eager to make themselves known, that you will find it more difficult to lose yourself because of the other conscious activity around you.

To link into the consciousnesses of nature you could try hugging a tree. It’s a simple, easy way to start. As you lean against or hold a tree, you will mentally ingest aspects of its consciousness and develop feelings of your own.

I once went through a tree-hugging phase. In Africa we had a vast Aloe Bainsei in our garden. Its trunk was so large I could not exactly hug it, so I leaned my chest against it and waited. For a long time I could feel nothing, and then a powerful feeling of primitive wisdom and complete dis-interest in any affairs of man surged through me. I was quite shocked. The tree held no interest in me – or any of us – and it was not prepared to co-operate in any way with our silly whims.

Funny, the different kinds of trees you can meet! Experiment! Everyone can find a tree. Trees have one overall trait. They are very wise. Trees make excellent teachers. Their conscious flow is slow and easy to follow. And the big bonus in trying your first communications with natural energies as can be felt with trees and plants, is that they are less “timid” than some other beings that live in nature.


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