Keep notes, keep notes!

An affirmation of seriousness in your pursuits in finding your inner angel or communicating with natural energies, or even accidental  “drop ins” you might meet, is to have a spiritual diary in which you record your dreams and insights, meditations and quiet times. Sometimes, even at midnight, you will need to write down what you have experienced so have a candle or small light next to the bed. The next morning, or when you have time, elaborate your dream through your own intuition. What did it mean? What am I being told? What is the dream telling me? What can I learn?

Likewise with the time of meditation, whether indoors or outside where you are surrounded by nature beings – record the ideas that come to you, the beings you meet, the concepts of clarity, and the theme of the meditation. Often, of course, you will simply be unaware of anything – not even yourself and you will come back into yourself with surprise, refreshed and delighted.

Your spiritual diary can also be a record of the miracles, synchronisations and signs, – the moments of grace that you experience in your awake life too. The more you show willingness to communicate and to learn – the more you will be taught.

There is no ending to a spiritual journey, no final test, no degree, no honours, and no stage where we can ever say, “I am there!” My friend and guide in these matters used to say, “It’s a spiral. You go round and round, often finding yourself back where you thought you started, but now you are learning the same things at a slightly more subtle level. You have a spiral, not a circle.”


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