Too much spirituality? Turning things off

Sometimes we can link in so clearly to our multidimensional aspect that the observer-self becomes overwhelmed with understanding, knowledge and experience. It becomes too much to handle. Moderation is the key to all things. A resting phase is just as important as a working phase. But how do we stop once we have started?

Sometimes, we naturally go into a barren place. We become cut off. We lose it. The key is simply to wait. When the time is right, all things will flow once more.

If we are being overburdened, overloaded, over stimulated, we need to switch off.

How to do this?

Announce clearly to your multidimensional self that you are taking a rest. Plunge into the activities of life. Work. Party. Serve. Focus on the material. Ground yourself.

Don’t do whatever it is that is linking you into your spiritual self. Close your diary. Leave your special place unoccupied. Understand that you are able to pick up the threads again later and that there is no hurry about anything.

You are not missing out, you are losing nothing; your tutors will still be there after the holidays, the delight and excitement will not go away while you take a break.


4 thoughts on “Too much spirituality? Turning things off

  1. Yeah, the blog explain everything but I’m more concerned when i get overloaded with tasks, i simply recall my past..remembering all the moments when i felt proud myself.


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