Overdosing symptoms

When you investigate yourself as a fully functional inter-dimensional creature, you can begin to move energy around in your own physical body. Each new experience, new concepts and insights alter the way the energy streams into and out of your body. Energy centres can open up, develop and alter the physical body, sometimes in an uncomfortable way. In a spiritual learning process there are some physical symptoms that may trouble you.

But remember, you can dumb the dose down, by grounding yourself into a less intense journey. Slow down! Do ordinary things. Get involved with life. Remember, there is absolutely no hurry, and you don’t want to precipitate a spontaneous Kundilini release.

Slowly, slowly catchee monkey!

Spiritual journeying, can bring on physical symptoms. Remember to get yourself checked out by a proper doctor if these symptoms persist or you are concerned…… but these are also Kundilini release symptoms.

Muscle twitches, cramps or spasms.

Energy rushes or immense electricity circulating the body

Itching, vibrating, prickling, tingling, stinging or crawling sensations

Intense heat or cold

Involuntary bodily movements (occur more often during meditation, rest or sleep): jerking, tremors, shaking;

Feeling an inner force pushing one into postures or moving one’s body in unusual ways,

Alterations in eating and sleeping patterns,

Episodes of extreme hyperactivity or, conversely, overwhelming fatigue

Intensified or diminished sexual desires

Headaches, pressures within the skull

Racing heartbeat, pains in the chest

Digestive system problems

Numbness or pain in the limbs (particularly the left foot and leg)

Pains and blockages anywhere; often in the back and neck

Emotional outbursts; rapid mood shifts; seemingly unprovoked or excessive episodes of grief, fear, rage, depression

Spontaneous vocalizations (including laughing and weeping),

Mental confusion; difficulty concentrating

Altered states of consciousness: heightened awareness; spontaneous trance states; mystical experiences (if the individual’s prior belief system is too threatened by these, they can lead to bouts of psychosis or self-grandiosity)

Ecstasy and intervals of tremendous joy, love, peace and compassion

Psychic experiences: extrasensory perception; out-of-body experiences; past life memories; astral travel; direct awareness of auras and energy centres; contact with spirit guides through inner voices, dreams or visions; healing powers.


5 thoughts on “Overdosing symptoms

      1. I apologise for replying to you under another blog name! I have linked up other stuff I do, and now replies and posts are all cockeyed!This should come to you from Elizibath Sheel – does it? The left being the feminine? I know when I was doing lots of stuff – it seemed to be my left side. That’s our dreaming, spiritual side? Controlled by the right brain? or is it the otherway round? can never remember! Anyway, physically, I am semi-paralysed on the left side – what does that mean spiritually? (Note to myself – write about why I think I’m paralysed doen the left side)

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      2. I DO get it from Elizabeth. I wondered if she had changed blog names! No need to apologise. It may be purposeful đŸ™‚ Sometimes things kike this are. Spiritually the left is female energy, right is male energy. We (that ism the world) have been immersed in the war-like, aggressive male energy for a long time meaning the energetic balance has been out of whack. The swing now is towards the feminine – you can see it happening in many ways eg corporate, political, social worlds etc – and individually too. The scales need to swing to bring about an even balance of both.
        The left brain is our intuitive, creative side. Physically we are also changing to bring about more balance and awakening – hence some of the spiritual symptoms ES was talking about.
        The trick is to be discerning as some things are genuinely physical, medical symptoms. THough there may be an underlying spiritual message or component too.
        Wish you well in your journey and discoveries đŸ™‚

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