Is it really real? Well, yes, actually

Your journey into discovery of other dimensions is unique to you. It took me a long time to realise that nobody else in my life was interested in what was happening to me  – they were doing their own stuff, which was more real and clear to them than anything I could say.

Your experiences are unique and personal – sometimes the power in secret experience is squandered if you share it or discuss it. It is there to assist your observer-self on its journey of enlightenment. It deepens your understanding of what others are saying. Lobsam Rampa said in one of his books “While you are talking, you are not listening!” I did a lot of talking and very little listening. Those who didn’t understand laughed behind my back and those who understood – listened!

My angel took me to the Halls of Healing full of the most exquisite colour and light I have ever seen and completely indescribable in words. It was housed in a white domed building of a specific shape. Once when I was listening and not talking I heard someone else describe these Halls exactly as I had seen them. It was a quiet inner confirmation that these things were not my own personal construction. It built up inner confidence.

Another time, I had been lying on my healing bed in my colour room at The Place of Angels when suddenly I saw what seemed to be a huge stadium filled with old motorcars of every kind. I noticed one especially that was bright yellow.

A few days later a heard an exclamation from someone else on the bed whom I was treating in the light. “Oh, my goodness!” she said. “I have just seen the most curious thing in my mind’s eye.” And she described what I had seen down to the very same bright yellow car.

Some modern books on astral travelling suggest that we make our own experiences through the power of our imagination. I disagree. All the realms and dimensions are held in place by the group of consciousnesses that live in them. We are able to share them as they share ours.


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