Intention is all

Our intention brings to us the kinds of experiences we have.

Spiritualists contact departed souls with intention.

If we sit in nature with the intention to communicate with or discern the spirit of Nature – we will.

If we ask for a teacher – that’s what we’ll get – ask for references!

If we wish to meet our guides, we can.

If we call for a big Red Indian to help us carry a heavy thing – he will come.

If we believe that Jesus is our highest being – he will manifest in our lives.

If we believe our higher self is our guide and loving teacher – that will be the way.

Some teachings imply that our higher self is all these things and that believing in anything other – more than just our own consciousness – is somehow backward. I disagree. The old ego has trouble admitting that we live in a place where there are greater and lesser beings and that we might be lesser!

Realms and hierarchies exist where conscious streams far finer than our soul-selves flow.

So, finding angels is easy – just ask for them to be near and they will be. They will demonstrate their presence by how you feel. You will receive moments of grace designed specially for you.


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