Communicating psychically – don’t lose your teeth

I believe we should be careful as to whom we communicate with psychically. There are consciousnesses “out there” that are not as naive, humble, genuine or as honest as we are.

If we feel empowered to show off our psychic skills, we might end up with a bloody spiritual nose. Cockyness can lead to the old joke of the little boy on his new bike who was showing off his bicycle-riding to his mother. On the first fly-past he yelled “Look ma, no hands!” and on the second he yelled “Look, ma, no teeth!”

Communicating psychically is quite difficult – it is hard to sieve out what are your own thoughts and what is telepathic. Inspiration is usually uplifting and loving while our own subconscious mind is often negative.  If you feel the words coming to you are clearly, surprisingly not your own, ask for references and use your discernment. Your angel will have moral principles and a code of ethics.

But even the most loving angel cannot stop you falling off your bicycle if you choose to take your hands off the spiritual handlebars!

Take care.


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