What to do if being spiritual, or expecting ascension is making you weak and feeble

I was asked by someone, who in the recent past had had a spiritual awakening, why they were feeling “neither fatigue nor depression nor sickness, yet it feels like all three.”

Well, I can only tell you about my own experience and what I personally think.

After my own spiritual awakening, I was left, highly psychic, literally painfully sensitive to smells, tastes, people and places. This uses high energy and is physically stressful. Because my experience was spontaneous and I was unaware such a thing could happen, a complete ignoramus, in fact, I was emotionally squandering all my attention trying to work out what exactly had happened to me. It takes a long time to recover your strength and straiten up your thinking after you’ve been clobbered over the head by the Universe.

I went through a long time – a year, maybe, feeling “flat”. It wasn’t fatigue nor depression nor sickness.

Just “flat”.

This is what I think happened to me – people having had a spiritual awakening and those who are training themselves up for Ascension, are probably doing the same thing. I think I was so busy wandering around my world using subtle, refined and “thin” energy, I had, what I’d call “not enough gasoline” to function with any kind of joy devivre in the physical world.

Indeed I studied how we misuse our Red energy, or the base energy centre, and can become sick because of it. Of course, I think about us as being “light utilising creatures”. I wrote copiously about the problem. And I met so many, many “spiritual” people who were suppressing/underutilising the base energy centre, which, by that time, I had begun “reading” with my hands. I realised they were not “well” but “ill”. And that I myself was undernourished!

We were being too spiritual.

All about Red

A Well Balanced Light Diet – colour

The man who denied himself

So, the question is, how to nourish yourself properly?

 Whatever frequency the consciousness inhales or utilises most of through the energy centres, will be the predominant frequency in the aura or, conversely, whatever frequency is not being used, the aura will lack. The aura is a pocket of light in which we all move, that nourishes us.

Balance is when all the magnetic frequencies are being used – as in a “well balanced diet”. Good Physical health results from a well balanced “light” diet. The consciousness’s use of the magnetic spectrum will either flood the organs of the physical body with certain frequencies, or deprive them according to their availability.

We process

RED frequencies for the enjoyment of our physical senses, joy de vivre, and feelings of safety, rooting, home.
ORANGE frequencies for physical activity, creativity and exercise.
YELLOW frequencies for mental stimulation, order, plans and goals, laughter and joy.
GREEN frequencies for self esteem and love for others.

Many spiritually focused people, are only using these (following) finer frequencies to exist on and so life feels “flat”.

BLUE – for expression of thought and appreciation of beauty in art music or the world.
INDIGO – for attention so that the intuitive voice can be heard.
PURPLE – for prayer, contemplation or meditative docking with the Divine.

We can plan our own diet for we each know what we lack – but we should select something from each frequency of the menu, DAILY. It is extraordinary how simply doing this changes all sorts of deficiencies we have had and how the physical body reacts most beneficially.

But, overdoing spirituality, does not make us “well”. We need to affirm being creatures of this physical world, and dive into LIFE.


But life requires the vigour of Red, with all its vibrancy, because THAT’S how we get physical energy! We are rooted to THIS planet. This is our home. We need the energy to deal with the lives we have here and now!


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