How to find your inner angel – a summary

How do you find your inner angel?

Here’s a summary –

We all have an ability to work as multi-dimensional creatures

It is possible to interact with invisible dimensions of earth and foreign dimensions

We need to choose our inter-dimensional friends with care.

The lower dimensions are protected by the laws of cause and effect

Work from within the “bubble”

Practise meditation

Interaction with another conscious stream will feel “different”, “new”, “interesting”

Practise inspired writing

Record dreams and moments of grace in a diary

If you become overwhelmed – stop it

Be aware of physical body shifts and changes

Don’t share too freely

Do everything in moderation

Your personal experiences are tailor made for you – the coat is cut according to the cloth of where you are right now

How do you find you own angel, then?

Be alone!


One thought on “How to find your inner angel – a summary

  1. Do we love these inspiring post or what people. Meditation is great, your tips are great and we need a writer like you to join the Gastradamus. I’m a writer and I would love your feedback on my new short story they call Queen Kong and I. Your review would be amazing


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