To the worried spiritual – is Ascension real?

I don’t know about Ascension as described as it is on numerous websites, and channelled by all sorts. I’m unable to accept it. It does not fit with what I know,

Ascension as is put about by those who believe it, is threatening. It makes many well intentioned people “spiritually worried”.  I think it’s a spiritual scam, myself. I do not believe any of it.

The Ascension idea has been around for a very long time, it’s not new – it’s just a New Age compilation that doesn’t seem to go away, and never happens either.

To those who believe they are going to ascend it can be exceedingly stressful. The worries occur in knowing if you are good enough to ascend. You worry about your spiritual wellness.

I see the same thing in ordinary daily life. The world is full of people worried about keeping well. They ARE well in truth, but all the hoo-ha presented to us about our health by the media, the internet, and the medical profession/drug companies is really churning up our stress. We all live in a body, who’s natural mechanics were designed to keep us well. Being well, is NORMAL But with the constant bombardment we get about sickness, we’ve begun to believe being ill is normal! We should remember constantly, that our bodies are wise vehicles that have been designed to run trouble free for many years. We should not think that being well cannot be our normal condition. We need to avoid being the “worried” well.

What has this got to do with Ascension?

The worried well and the worried spiritually, have the commonality of being easy to make money from – to sell all sorts of commodities to.They are easy to manipulate. They are  consumers in an industry of wellness and everlasting life.

That’s what we are all aiming for. We want to be well till we physically die (we can’t avoid that) and then we want eternal life. We are not satisfied. We make huge efforts to feel in control of what approaches, instead of living in joy.


Every living creature has a spiritual aspect. We contain consciousness which is evolving. We all have eternal life – every single one of us.

It is not negotiated. It is not something we have to do anything for. It just happens because that’s the natural way that evolution works.

When we die, we live. All of us. Simple.

When we have evolved spiritually, we move on from the Earth, which is our home for many lifetimes. The earth is our dear co-operative friend, not some planet that is our enemy. When we have lived on it and loved it enough, we need not return.

I do not believe in a shortcut – a sudden ascension. I have to love this wonderful earth, my physicality, and everything about me, including my ego, and everyone else’s too. Our costumes we took on for living are everlastingly fascinating. And our egos are the tool we use to get to our destination in our current life.

We are all getting ready to ascend. And we’ll do it perfectly successfully – all of us.

In our OWN ways.

We need not be worried at all.


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