Ascension and psychic intrusion

Now my last post was on the spiritual ascension process as put about on the internet and in groups. I cannot say I’m an expert. I’m always willing to learn. I was a bit worried, as a blogger, that I’d called new age ascensionism, a scam.

The night I’d posted my blog, I went to sleep feeling a little uneasy that “scam” was a bit strong. At 2:00 am UK time, I woke with a dreadful pain just under the ball of my shoulder. Instantly I woke I thought someone was poking me with a pin – like a voodoo doll, or a poppet. My pain went on for a while, but eventually I settled. But as I dropped to sleep I saw for several seconds – several seconds, so that I could read the message clearly and read it several times. I saw a typed black and white message that said in these exact words (I wrote them down immediately) –

I will set you right!

I think I had a psychic intrusion from a spiritually sophisticated person.

I have had such experiences before. In fact one of my spiritually advanced friends intruded my mind/psyche one night after a conversation on the power spiritual skill could give people in matters of psychic intrusion, which could be for good or evil. That night, I was transported in a sort of astral journey. I found myself under water playing with fishes, but especially, with the most wonderful dolphins that allowed me to ride them, and dive with them into the deep recesses of the ocean. It was a stunning experience.

The next day, I saw my friend. Her eyes twinkled and she asked “Did you enjoy the dolphins?”

Her point was proven.

So, I think again about mass spiritual ascension process that is happening in waves, I read, at the moment. And I read there are Cosmic beings that are coordinating it all.

I do see a shift in consciousness, a change in humans, and even the fact that we are suddenly more aware of consciousness in animals due to our wondrous new technology – cameras on mobile phones – and a connection of huge groups of people of like-mind via the internet. Our lives are experiencing massive transformation and we are being bombarded with energies  – knowledge both good and bad.

Enlightened beings are everywhere. So is the energy of darkness.

This dimension, is the dimension of opposites, the dimension where learning is the quickest and spiritual progress most efficient, where the illumination throws up the shadows, where pain is the opposite of ease, of hate being the opposite of love, where up only exists when there is down, good only appears when compared with not-good.

And where we can dream of our home.

That spiritual discontent, our longing for perfection, produces wondrous writings, art, music and steers our spirituality.

But I cannot help feeling, that our dream of home, is making us want to escape our planet en mass, and that disturbs me.

Do set me right if you will.





One thought on “Ascension and psychic intrusion

  1. I know there are people who would prefer nothing better than to return home, and some do. Equally, there are many Lightworkers who are committed and dedicated to working with Spirit to raise the vibrations of the planet and all life on her. Much dark is emerging into the Light, as it must, ere it can be transmuted. This leads to periods of turbulence and seeming chaos. I am an optimist – I believe it will all balance out for the better in the long run.

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