The power of Christmas

What a vast thing Christmas time has become. It’s celebrated by almost everyone, whatever their religion.

I think Christmas is just “a nice time” where people are friendlier, more amiable, less picky, more generous. So, even if the original message – the story of Jesus’s birth is completely forgotten or unknown, Christmas is happy event – mostly.

For many, it’s the loneliest time. Yet many of the loneliest are remembered at Christmas time, even though they might be forgotten for the rest of the year.

In all the glitter and greed of commerce at Christmas, generous gifts, paper, ribbons and bows, ordinary folk, have been allured into stress. Once Christmas gifts were tokens – an orange, a bow for the hair, some sugar lumps and other simple things.

How far we have moved away from that!

Christmas is not simple anymore.

But, spiritually, it’s a very powerful time. It’s the only time in the West when a strong feeling of goodwill infuses people. For once, people personally become aware of others and some people even think of the story that started it all. The world would be a better place if that caring feeling could happen every day.

I think the angels pour down washes of healing colour at this time to help us humans in the effort we make in thinking about others over Christmas – to inspire us. But we are the ones that have to bring about the Christmas spirit, every day of the year from then on. So Christmas time is a time when we can practise loving others. Our template for behaviour.

There is power in another thing. Any gathering where groups of people are collected in the spirit of happiness or prayer is a powerful occasion. Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I also.” He didn’t mean the name of Jesus particularly I don’t think. He meant the name of God and the thought-power of a collection of people is the God force. Love is the god-force.

When we are of one mind, the God force is the power that changes things.

And lastly, if we feel loved, are with friends and family, when we celebrate with good food and laughter, this makes every cell of our bodies feel delight, we find physical and emotional healing.

So the real power of Christmas is that we can celebrate being together with the power of love and caring. We can be merry. We can laugh.

And we can heal ourselves and others in the process.

What could be nicer?


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