Water in my dreaming

I went through a long time in my life when I had recurring water dreams.

For me, I realised water symbolised the condition of my spiritual life. Often there would be a dog in my dream too. The condition of the dog, represented the condition of ME.

So, for instance, when I dreamed of tranquil waves lapping against a warm shore of glittering sand, and the dog bounding along happily, I knew I was doing something spiritually right for instance. Sometimes the sea in my special dreaming cove, would be so transparent, I could see jewels and treasure lying glistening in the water, there for my taking.

I would wake feeling renewed. as if I had been specially nourished emotionally.

Once I dreamed my dog was nearly drowned and lay, lifeless at the foot of an icy, raging waterfall fringed by sharp grey rocks. I had to rescue my dog, and breathe new life into him. When I woke, I knew exactly the message. My spiritual life was overcoming me in its severity (I was on a very strict regime – too strict) – and it was harming/overwhelming me.

I then reorganised my life to hold less arduous spiritual practices. During that period of my journey, when I met other people also over-doing being spiritual, who were on rigid, life denying  paths, I became convinced it wasn’t healthy and it wasn’t right. They were the physically sickest people I knew. We were trying to make ourselves into spiritual beings, instead of understanding that we already were. And the real truth was that as spiritual beings first, and humans, too, we should be revelling in the joy of experiencing being human.

I had many water dreams. Warning dreams. Wonderful dreams.They all made perfect sense to me. My deepest consciousness was teaching me.

The trick that I learned was to listen to the message my own heart translated.

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