Most people have a deep inner discontent. This can be a discontent/discomfort with themselves, or their lives, or their circumstances, or their knowledge. It’s a subtle drive – important in every way

Modern consumerism is beautifully aimed at this deep discontent. What we own will make us happy. So we find ourselves buying stuff. Better stuff. Beautiful stuff. Better technology. Bigger. Faster. More impressive. Glamour. Youth. Health. Fit-making, Life saving. Comfort making. We buy it all.

We search for experiences. Travel. Education.Entertainment. Fine dining. Friendship. Pets. Love. Marriage. Spiritual Courses. Counselling.

We try free stuff. Walking. Gardening. Sitting next to rivers or lakes. Forest adventures. Marathons. Sex. Lying in the sun.

We do all this until we reach a state of discomfort that indicates we need to do or buy something else, or go home. We initiate a change. We act.

Searching cycles in our lives daily, yet we are unaware of it. We buy. We experience. We physically use our discontent/discomfort to adjust our sitting position, feed ourselves, sleep, releave ourselves etc.

We are searching always.

We are trying to fill our discontent/discomfort in large and tiny ways. It needs our constant attention for it alters and alters us.

Every person is moved along by this drive. I’ve never heard it said, but discontent/discomfort is the state, in my opinion, that is the driver of “life”.

It’s the way anything happens at all!

But the little signal that tells us to start a different kind of search, is the one that’s called Divine Discontent. That’s the feeling of longing to find something far greater than ourselves, of meaning, of truth, of eternal love. Of something truly, truly awesome. Something that, when we’ve found it is “forever”.


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