Spiritual practice whilst in pain

My grandmother, and a lot of older people I know, seem to have lost their interest in things spiritual as they got old and sick. I found that disappointing. Those people used to be my light, showing me “the way” – but they lost it!

Getting very old, can be difficult physically. Everyday there are aches and pains, eyesight fails, hearing shuts down and the body can become a burden to people. They are pulled down into the physical as they struggle with life.

The same applies to young people who have to face serious physical afflictions. All their energy goes into coping, or handling pain. or just getting through a day.

It would apply to many suffering depression and mental health problems – or even people who are totally exhausted from caring, earning a living, coping with enormous problems.

They lose the connection, the ability and the desire.

For me, the most comforting idea whilst enduring, is that the enduring does have purpose and meaning – for each of us personally. Our suffering gives others a chance to Love us, and ourselves to receive Love, and for us, in the long run, over incarnations, a chance to become wise.

I think those of us believing that spiritual practices like prayer, meditation, yoga and other disciplines are a cure-all for everyone, forget that sometimes, the physical body overrides our spiritual aspect in many situations.

Pain/suffering focuses the mind like nothing else.

It is easy to discipline yourself to meditate, chant, do yoga, talk to the angels, hug a tree, generate gratitude, feel wonder and awe at the Universe/God, etc when you are healthy.

But it does not harm our spiritual essence at all, when we cannot.

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