Using my mind-mixed allsorts

If you are like me, you LOVE thinking! My mind is a strange place where old memories and inconsequential facts live. A sort of mixed bag of mind-candy!

Digging around in my mind-box, I can find all sots of mixed confectionery.

Trouble is, I sometimes find I don’t like the taste of some of my old memories and inconsequential facts. They occasionally taste like guilt for not doing enough, or regret for doing something that was wrong. Inconsequential facts are sometimes sour, especially if flavoured with hurt, or envy.

As I get older, I seem to be digging around in my mind confectionery box more than I ever did when I was rushing around raising a family and earning a living. I am watching MY children being mothers to my growing number of grandchildren.

Sometimes when my grandchildren do something cute, a delicious memory suddenly pops out of my mind-candy box. So I eat it.

I have found enjoying the pleasing stuff is delicious.

But I’m not sure what to do with the unpleasant candy.They really need chucking out!

I have a prayer which I listen to regularly recited here by Mirabai Devi who used to come to our Healing Centre called The Place of Angels, when she was simply Jane Bletcher.

It is wonderful for getting mind-candy sorted! And it can be used at ANY age, not just when you are 72!



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