Meat and vegs spirituality

Lots of people I have known in my life – especially when we were hosting The Place of Angels (Healing Centre) were vegetarians. They had a sort of translucent appearance to my eye.

And when we arrived in the UK almost twenty years ago, we were also vegetarians. But the strange thing was, that where we had perfectly well survived in a sunny climate on vegetarian food, we completely ran out of physical energy in this cloudy, rainy place.

Another difference here, is that supermarkets in the UK, import food from all over the world, and vegetables are not as fresh and full of “life” that the sunshine stores in them. They are depleted by the time we eat them. We are eating abused vegetables, stored, irradiated and exhausted. So in the UK the vegetables were very different whereas we’d been used to eating local produce in a country where (at that time) only exotic foods were imported.

The moral drive to not eat meat is to not kill and eat living creatures – yet that is how we evolved. We are meat eaters, no longer simply Silverback Gorillas! We found, the moment we added meat to our diet, we came alive. Of course  leaving your home and moving to another country is enough to deplete any person of any energy, so I’m sure our exile contributed to our fizzle-out.

We have eaten meat since. We are careful of what we eat.

When I was taking notes from Sheel, she explained to me that each realm “serves” another – plants heal us and feed us and other animals, animals heal us and feed us and each other – this is their sacrificial role. Even eating only plants means we are eating living things. We eat them fresh and screaming? Whereas animals endure modern  abattoirs- a dreadful thought indeed!

Here are some notes I took at the time on “problem” foods –

If people must eat meat choose like this in this order:
Prawns, Shrimps, (Lowly creatures), Fish, Chicken, Game, Lamb, Beef, Pork ( also in an altered state such as bacon/ham).

Drink the things that are as natural as possible, especially water filtered if possible. Drink drinks like lemon and honey or lemon grass and honey, or ginger tea or herb teas

Drink strong tea/coffee hot and straight off with the intent of drug use.

If people must drink alcohol let it be like this:
Well-matured wines, Well-matured spirits with intent at celebration.

Drugs – if people must smoke nicotine or use marijuana, use it with intent and ceremoniously – bless it.

The freedom to choose what goes into the mouth with purpose, discrimination and care, is an important release. Far from limiting pleasure it emphasises it, filling the senses with delight.

The freedom to choose what comes out of the mouth with purpose, discrimination and care, is an important release. Far from limiting the self, it generates self-esteem and fills the heart with love.


9 thoughts on “Meat and vegs spirituality

  1. I found this quite interesting. I eliminated red meat a few months ago. I eat fish and chicken maybe once a week. There are days when I’m craving a juicy burger with fries! Ha. I do bless my food before eating.


  2. Hi. I have a long term serious health issue and as much as I wanted to be a vegetarian, and was one for a couple of years, I have improved on eating meat. I don’t like eating it, but it’s how it has to be if I’m to have any semblance of normal life. It’s a sensitive issue as many people on a spiritual path are quite naturally drawn to a vegetarian lifestyle, but listening to one’s body is key. I also bless my food before eating it 🙂

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  3. Yes I agree. Also the way animals are treated now in factories bears no resemblance to how things were when people hunted naturally for their food. I understand the vegetarian perspective because it is very distressing and the temptation is to see meat as wrong but the answer is to buy meat from places that have respected animals and indeed for everyone to respect the life that has to die for us to live.

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