Victims of our own love

We are not merely evolved animals struggling along a human path, trying to be better animals. In order to evolve consciousness, we have a spiritual pith. We are spiritual beings who have chosen to be human so that we can learn all the human attributes in order to develop greater awareness or compassion, and experience being conscious.

We are not sophisticated animals on a spiritual path but spiritual creatures on a human path. We are evolving in consciousness as a part of evolution.

Each one of us took great care (with advice from other conscious beings) to be born to exactly the right parents, in the right place, at the right time, under the correct circumstances,  so that we could inter-act with our families and other humans living around us, with whom we owe some kind of debt or who owe us.

We have all been faced with exactly the right kinds of situations that we have been careful to select for ourselves so that we can develop some attribute that we need to be a wise spiritual/conscious creature. And we did that out of deep love for ourselves, and on the understanding that life, as a human, is very difficult.

Our spiritual source, loves us. We are courageous. We are unknowingly surrounded by our own love.

Once you get your head around that, can you believe you are a victim?

A victim of love?


A mere victim?



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