The logic of re-incarnation

I have no problem believing we come back over and over to learn from life – to experience being conscious  – to re-incarnate. In nature, everything is recycled – every chemical in our bodies recycles and vegetation, mountains, seas and and the air, recycles. Physical matter is not destroyed, but re-used.

Science studies physical matter. It cannot explain consciousness, except by saying it is the product of our minds. But what do our minds produce? Well, they produce this thing called consciousness. Our physical bodies produce excretions – sweat, urine, breath etc. When they are not IN us, they have not disappeared. Every chemical in those excretions is re-used in the great story of recycling, with no waste. So if consciousness is produced by our minds, where does it go when it is not IN us anymore? By the laws of nature, it must be recycled.

Consciousness is a product of living creatures. Consciousness is a “thing” produced by the brain. Every experience, every thought, everything learned, is recycled in the flow of evolving life. That is HOW it evolves.

Each generation comes into life with attributes of it’s ancestors. The individual incarnations of plants, bacteria, otters, elephants, humans etc have the blueprint in them of thousands of years of previous lives – millions, billions of years. These templates come down physically in the form of genetic information. And socially through passed on knowledge.

But some behaviours are very difficult to explain as simply there because they have been selected for in a random mutation leading to survival.

An example would be the solemnity of animals who grieve their dead companions.

Or Dophins that choose to swim with humans.

Or Gorillas having pets.

Humans have the most of these “useless” behaviours. And more. We report pre-life memories, some remember past lives – thousands do actually – and can confirm the details. More and more folk have near death experiences because of our new resuscitation technology. We experience premonition, psychic knowing, and intuitions.

In meditation or moments of awe, we realise the oneness of the whole – a whole greater than the sum of it’s parts.

So back to the parts – the physical in all its forms.

And consciousness in all its forms.

Consciousness is not the “supernatural”  – it is simply an invisible state of nature, and like nature,  it consists of trillions of different aspects.

It is never wasted in one human life and then discarded. It is never wasted in any life, from bacteria to polar bears.

That is not how nature works. Consciousness evolves by capturing information that, like our genes can alter, mutate, transcribe itself, continuing on and on  – and on – till the end of time.


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