Simple karma, simply

From our childhood to mid life, we go through a growing process where we are given many chances to experience ourselves and build our lower personalities. We crystallise into our human personality with good and bad qualities. We are building on the evolution of consciousness.

About middle age, and into old age, something happens to many people, a sort of transformation, where they look back on their lives and the situation they now find themselves in. They sometimes become very unhappy, dissatisfied. They might become depressed. They  quite often enter a sort of desert and plod along from day to day not seeing any comforting, uplifting or nourishing blade of grass, tree or flower. This is a lifeless place.

If the desert is entered in middle age, people try to find a way to give meaning to life. They have face-lifts, work out frantically in the gym, get drunk, have affairs, work harder, collect more and more possessions, men/women, money, overseas trips, – or whatever!

In old age people can blame others for the situation they find themselves in, they often get very bitter and recriminating and frightened of the process of ageing. Their lives are over – they are finished – next step, annihilation and death.

The truth of the matter is that all humans make their lives themselves. At first, they choose their place, circumstances and conditions of birth. This is done by their higher mind,– their consciousness that works in the spiritual dimension. This consciousness is ongoing, even after death.

During each life we experience, we set up all our own benefits and debts in our personal spiritual bank balances.

This bank balance has two columns – debtors and creditors. Every time we do an ugly thing for the benefit of our own selfish motives, we debit our account. If someone else does something to us that is ugly and we handle it with love, “turning the other cheek” as the Master taught us, then we are credited. Or, if we do something with unconditional love i.e. with no thought of any reward, then we also are credited.

We collect or pay back anything accruing to us on this Bank Balance. We will always have to incarnate again until the slate is clean.

Not only do we have to deal with the law of cause and effect but also every aspect of our lives should be considered of our own making. Our health, husband, home, business, life style, mental condition, property, pets, and even motor car is there as a result of our ability to handle our actions. A spiritual being lives in a dimension (our home) where everything is created by the power of the mind. It is easy to exist there.

When we live our lives here on earth, it is difficult – we can’t make nasty things go away unless we really master the power of understanding.

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