Home is the resting place between incarnations. It is one of the dimensions of consciousness – all dimensions are constructed by group-minds. You could say they are purposeful illusions. Thought is a perturbation in consciousness that forms these illusions.

Everything is embedded in Source – a consciousness of “being”. This is not supernatural, but simply the way things work.

On Earth, we use thought to produce all physical “being”. Our brains are marinaded with consciousness, our thought-force. This applies to all creatures. Consciousness allows us awareness. Wherever we find ourselves “being”, that is  where we have placed our awareness.

On death, only awareness shifts.

We will find ourselves Home.

I’m not sure exactly what Home is like, because I have forgotten, but I’d like to think that at Home, there is no machinery.

But, for those who enjoy cars, if you wish you could build cars out of light/thought and then when you have finished, you can de=materialise them again. There’s no fun in racing unless there’s someone else who wants to build a car and do it with you. The cars you build have no petrol, pollution, smoke or oil. In fact they have no engine – unless you wanted to design one in which case you could. There are no roads on which to drive your car once you have built it, unless you form a group to mind-make them.

It is probably difficult to do technical work at Home like constructing precision machinery. They are easy to make but cannot be tested out because there are no Earthly physical conditions to do it in. Technicians work with theories and math.

You can design anything you want and then de-materialise it when you are done. People play like this for a long time in the beginning when they come Home.

There are villages of people who vibrate in harmony who live together, but no cities or towns unless group-constructed and lived in by those who like cities. There is no transport because you can be anywhere you like whenever you like by altering your thought.

People build their homes in any style they want through visualisation. Some live in great mansions until they tire of it. Then they change to another style. They decorate often to suit their mood. They share their works-of-art with those who are interested.

There are no shops, industries, factories or organised work. Once people have stopped playing, they have nothing to do and put their minds to finding some useful occupation. They often group up in teams of their own earthly careers and work together on projects.

Home is vast with many different areas in it. Experienced beings help people plan their time and advise them as to who needs help. Sometimes there is work at Home or sometimes with the beings in other dimensions.The are many, many dimensions of awareness.

Many people want to learn more. There are huge Halls of Learning like universities. You may go to any lecture you please. There are no examinations. Some people have special teachers who guide them into some craft or discipline.

There are Halls of Music, Art, Entertainment, Horticulture, Museums.And Halls of Healing for those newly arrived.

There is clear light all the time and nature is very beautiful. It is never spoiled with worms or insects eating the leaves because they are in their group awareness, unless you’d like the effect. Nature there is the thought construction of the inhabitants of Home and could simply be  de-materialise when not needed.

In this Home dimension everything that is thought can be heard by others so there is no lying or cheating. You can see another’s motive quite clearly when you communicate. Everyone mixes with those who are like them. The liars and cheaters mix with those of their own awareness and taste.

You do fall in love at Home though there is no physical sex – except in those levels – but sex is an ecstatic blending of two minds – an orgasm that brings supreme pleasure. Couples of any gender, live together if they wish to and often work together also.

When a relationship is over, the couple simply agree to part. All emotions are visible so no one can hide their feelings.

At Home, you can change your gardens and decor and costume whenever you wish. Nothing gets dusty or dirty – so there is no housework. You also don’t have to eat, though cooks will prepare delicious food as a work of art. There is no sleep though there are rest/renewal periods.

Existence  at Home is vastly meaningful. Home is in our memories as we plod along here on Earth. It is what we are constantly missing. And what we are constantly trying to re=construct.


9 thoughts on “Home

    1. Well, my description is from Sheel – but I have not got personal proof, except for some information that came through from my mother when she died. I think, this info is standard stuff. I’ll check out the book you mention. – why “ooopsy”?

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      1. From memory that is what he said too. It certainly is very interesting ! Matthew has moved on from what he was initially doing – I think he spends a lot of time travelling from place to place. As everywhere it is a continual learning and evolving, regardless of what dimension we are in !

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