Crossing over – notes from my mother

Notes from Gor – (Gor means grandmother in Zulu) communication after death. She died on January 2 2002.

9 February 2002 Journey over

When I left you I found myself aware and fully conscious, which was surprising to me as I was not fully sure what to expect. It seemed as though I was in some place shrouded by haze – a shimmering effect of the light, which somehow enclosed my vision, that I was aware of people with me and I had the physical feeling of extreme comfort and pleasure. It flashed through my mind that I should share this fact with you that I was still fully aware and that there were others around me and was not alone. This was what you had told me and so I called out with my mouth, I spoke loudly, calling your name to tell you that all was a well with me – just as you had told me.

The face that became clear, or developed out of the shimmering haze was that of my beloved John. Other figures were indistinct but somehow I knew, but how, I can’t say, who the people were. My mother, or rather a figure I did not recognise but who I knew to be her, materialised. She is a young woman with thick black hair and vigorous energy an “organiser”. My mother took me by my arm and said “Welcome Ruth. “There is a lot to do here “. At this point, I was aware of ghostly figures and it was almost as if my eyes needed cobwebs clearing from them – as if there was some kind of covering, a skin, a coating which inhibited my vision. This inability to see clearly lasted quite a time (several days?). We do not experience time in days so I cannot say that.

It was at the moment of my entry here, that I knew all the names of all those who were there with me – but I was unable to make out the faces. The only figures I could see clearly with those of my mother and my husband.

I would like you to know that my clearest impressions were of physical comfort, emotional delight and surprise, joy at being aware (even poorly) of the existence of my own consciousness after my physical death and the warmth of the company of old friends around me.

Question – Did you see a tunnel? Or go down a tube of light?

No I don’t think so. There is a gap in my memory where I seemed to be no place in particular – like when you used to cover my ears with your hands. (She is referring to lying in my light room with the palms of my hands over her ears.) No, no tube, light or tunnel-no sense of movement-only ‘lost mind”.

From the Place of Angels


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