Notes from the other side – it’s not so easy

Before my mother died, we made an arrangement that she would “prove” her consciousness had survived after her death if there was any possible way to do so.

I told her that I believed after her death she would find herself in a comfortable, loving place that I had read about from those who had experienced near death. I told her about rolling green fields, and flowers, and loving beings. I described a place I thought she’d go to.

But it didn’t turn out like that.

In February, a month or so after she died, I woke in the night with a feeling that I had been electrically prodded in my brain. It was her. I heard her as loud thoughts, in her voice, in a way I knew were not mine. And I wrote down everything she told me.

I have divided my notes into sections so they would be clearer here. So far I have posted

First Crossing over – notes from my mother

Then Notes from the other side – Clouds

and lastly Notes from the other side – vision

But what she told me in those three posts was not what I expected. Our interviews in the nights continued for a short while and I will post them here.

This is the way my first meeting with my mother about a month after she died ended. She called “the other side” the “here and now”.

 I wish to communicate these things to you because you might feel that entering the here and now is easier than it really is. At least for me this is a great surprise. I have the desire to tell you about this and my desire collects up a pile of concepts that you can draw from to type up when you have time. I am building a haystack of ideas and you can pull out a straw or two – or bundles if you wish when you are ready. My friends say don’t delay too long, because, later my memories will fade, my desire will diminish and my haystack will become less clearly defined. It’s because of this blurring that there is so little communication between realms. The veil of forgetfulness drops to obscure the two.

For now I wish to say to you that it has not been what you told me it would be like, and I believe it will be exactly like what you said – but not for me yet.


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