Notes from the other side – visualisation

In the February after my mother died  in 2001, she contacted me at night while I slept. I would wake with a feeling that my brain had been lightly touched with some kind of electrical charge and a conversation would ensue.

If you read my previous posts all called “notes from the other side” my mother had some trouble settling in to her “Here and Now” as she called the other side. My mother was NOT fashion conscious in either clothing nor anything else. So it was strange we had this conversation. Imagination and visualisation is more important than we know.

“About my clothes. I have been aware of my consciousness rather than a body. I do have one and it needs to be clothed. So I have been learning to change my clothes.

I have to imagine an outfit and then dress myself in it. This is more difficult than you would think. I am to put furniture in my ‘room’. I am to imagine it. I am to place windows and doors in my room. Of course, I do not have a room – only a space. So I first have to imagine my ‘room’! This is called the power of creation. We learn how to do this each time in our lives when we select clothes, furnishings, or decorate our houses, or plan the cosmetic and external features of our lives. Of course I never did this!

When I am able to satisfactorily create my own home, I will then be able to open my front door expecting a world outside-and then and there will be one! When I have learned to create for myself, I will be able to co-create with others. I am learning visualisation.

Somewhere along the way in my development, I lost my power of visualisation. I know when I was younger I had this. Some of my lessons have been life re views on times when I used my powers of visualisation.

Imagination is different to visualisation where a person has to take components of imagination and fuse them into a mental picture. To imagine, a person has to allow the mind to wander. Visualisation is a disciplined form of imagination. The here and now is all about the mind. In order to consciously create circumstance one needs to discipline the mind! I am to consciously create my circumstances. Imagination is a form of dreaming, visualisation a form of mentally placing components. I am finding great difficulty with this.

I can tell you I have had some very funny outfits! If I use my imagination, I end up with the most peculiar combination of clothing. I think this is something to do with the interest – I have never had much interest in clothing. Now I find I have to focus on putting clothes on, but I do not have a wardrobe from which I can select them. This is an interesting new experience. It seems I should have taken more of an interest during my life and then I would have known what I like and what I don’t like.

It seems there is some merit in selecting and putting together all the aspects of one’s surroundings, clothing, furnishings, and accessories. Shopping is a creative act where people choose things they like to surround themselves with. I never was a shopper. I have denied myself material richness and I am re-learning it. Once I allow myself to feel free to experience outer luxury, I will be able to “shop”in my mind and fill my space.”


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