Notes from the other side – putting things together with the mind

I have uploaded a series of posts about the difficulties my mother encountered after she died. I had a short time when she would come through clearly at night to give me information. You can see my other posts previously. They are all entitled Notes from the other side – except the first one – Crossing over.

So my mother had difficulties because she was not a believer in life after death. She was a teacher, justifying every fact of her life and work.  She always “made do” because we were short of money.

So here are some notes about her putting all her lessons together, and how it works.

About my clothes. I have been aware of my consciousness rather than a body. I do have one and it needs to be clothed. So I have been learning to change my clothes.

I have to imagine an outfit and then dress myself in it. This is more difficult than you would think.

I am to put furniture in my ‘room’. I am to imagine it. I am to place windows and doors in my room. Of course, I do not have a room – only a space. So I first have to imagine my ‘room’! This is called the power of creation. We learn how to do this each time in our lives when we select clothes, furnishings, or decorate our houses, or plan the cosmetic and external features of our lives. Of course I never did this!

When I am able to satisfactorily create my own home, I will then be able to open my front door expecting a world outside-and then and there will be one! When I have learned to create for myself, I will be able to co-create with others. I am learning visualisation.

Somewhere along the way in my development, I lost my power of visualisation. I know when I was younger I had this. Some of my lessons have been life re views on times when I used my powers of visualisation. Imagination is different to visualisation where a person has to take components of imagination and fuse them into a mental picture. To imagine, a person has to allow the mind to wander. Visualisation is a disciplined form of imagination.

The here and now is all about the mind. In order to consciously create circumstance one needs to discipline the mind! I am to consciously create my circumstances. Imagination is a form of dreaming, visualisation a form of mentally placing components. I am finding great difficulty with this.

I can tell you I have had some very funny outfits! If I use my imagination, I end up with the most peculiar combination of clothing. I think this is something to do with the interest – I have never had much interest in clothing. Now I find I have to focus on putting clothes on, but I do not have a wardrobe from which I can select them. This is an interesting new experience. It seems I should have taken more of an interest during my life and then I would have known what I like and what I don’t like. It seems there is some merit in selecting and putting together all the aspects of one’s surroundings, clothing, furnishings, and accessories. Shopping is a creative act where people choose things they like to surround themselves with. I never was a shopper. I have denied myself material richness and I am re-learning it. Once I allow myself to feel free to experience outer luxury, I will be able to “shop” in my mind and fill my space.

Of course, here I would assume there are no shops. The act of creation is to visualise something that appeals to you and the act of liking it solidifies its form. Instead of having a wardrobe in which you store all your clothes you have a mental library of clothing items, which please you. Then, at a whim, you can change your clothes. So you will be very amused to know, that I am very focused on my clothes.

I have forgotten my taste and am trying to find it again. I am almost ashamed to tell you of the ordinariness of my present occupation.

When the cloud of introspection descends upon me that I told you about, I have no problem with my imagination. The re-living simply occurs as we investigate themes from my life. It is effortless.

Can you imagine that I ever would be so engrossed in clothing myself!

The long and the short of it is that I have to make up my mind about what I like!

Doesn’t that sound silly!

Rationalisation is the problem. If you rationalise, you block out what you like and things become worthwhile for the wrong reasons. The only reason something is worthwhile is because (they say) you should LIKE it. What a different concept this is to consume! I have filled my life with many things I did not like – really not truly liked. They simply filled the space because it was there and I’m unable to do that here it seems.

My vision will clear when I know what I really and truly like because I will make it myself through the liking of it. When I define myself, my personality, then I will draw to myself all those who like the same things – who have the same taste. This is about discovering who you really are and releasing yourself from the ideas of what you thought you were.

That is why many people here do not look like they did when they were alive, they have changed their appearances to what they like. The life review assists in doing this. You discover what you were, how life defined you, how you deformed or flowered yourself into the definition, and how your personality developed or diminished as you defined your life. When you have studied this, you can renew your real personality which you have here and which is the real you.

Just this idea thrills me – it is a really new and different adventure – an adventure of discovery, not of places and people or ideas but of myself!


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