Notes from the other side – a house at last

Two months after my mother died, I was woken in the night on several occasions with the sensation that someone had given my brain a gentle shock with some kind of electricity. I would be given a message to record in my note book which I kept by my bed. You may read all my posts previous to this – all called “Notes from the other side” except the first which is called “Crossing over”.

This particular message  is a very important piece of information that connects with something in our family’s  life that happened later that year…..the haunting.

23rd February 2002

My Home
I have a home! It’s my house at Deanery Lane! (Deanery Lane was my mother’s old house in Africa that she left when she came to the UK)

I have altered it slightly – it has no air-conditioning – not necessary and the back area kitchen and bathroom is a rock garden with a fountain that plays into a little stream flowing under my orange tree. But don’t think I did that, no. I have a gardener who is working on my garden to my instruction!

I have different curtains in my guest room – pale blue, very nice. And my own room has new green curtains and carpet, but I might change that. I am unable to create patterns on fabric or floors,  so everything is plain. I might have to get someone to do it for me, as I have had to do with my garden.

I have had visitors who have welcomed me into my new home. John (my father) has been here now several times and we are quite affable together, though we have discussed what went wrong with our relationship. I am not sure if we will continue in this. I think it has all been part of my life reviews.

Other visitors you would not recognise they are so changed, but when they arrive I know who they are but their visual appearance is quite different in most cases as to what I remember. I have also had visitors who I don’t know and never have. They are helping me.

I ask the question – Why don’t you talk about the people you see? You hold back on this.

Yes, well it is pointless to say who came to see me because they are not as they were. So if I say I had a pleasant time with Rina (one of my Mother’s friends who pre deceased her)  It is not what you could even imagine. She is not as she was and we do not talk about “old times” Our conversations are telepathic togetherness, often with no words, concepts or even point of conversation. We do not drink tea, go for a walk, play music, knit, sew or discuss anything.

I have been going out on two matters. The first is to see the great halls that exist here. They are huge universities of various kinds. One can attend lectures and study at them. The other matter is the placing of my home. Or rather, what I would like to see from it – the view. I have been visiting areas co-created by others where I might like to live. The people here create the geography. And there are towns.

My garden has a new fence – much nicer than my old one – and placed for visual appearance rather than necessity. It marks the end of my space. It is in this space that I am learning to create and although what I have been telling you might not seem inspiring, it is all I can manage at the moment. I am told I will become better and better at this funny new skill and I will experiment until I am totally delighted.

I ask my mother a question – Have you been having music groups? (she loved playing in musical groups)

No. I am tired of that! But I have heard the most wonderful music created for others to hear at a performance in The Halls of Music. I am unable to describe this to you, as it was full of sounds I have never heard before and so moving to be almost painful and yet uplifting. Also, I saw it! Exquisite colour and light threaded itself into the sound. This is a creation of a thought composition by a mind.

I have no musical instruments and have certainly not even seen a harp!

But it seems, people do collect together to make music and it’s with their minds, though it is possible to follow a score and re-create the work of someone else. I haven’t investigated that yet.

When I have been out, someone else has taken me, and I spoke about Rina who was with us at The Halls performance. This getting to know what is here and what areas already exist is part of settling in. I could go for a walk if I wanted but I would have to create the geography of my walk myself. Once you have been shown around, travelled! so to speak, you may go to any place you chose by your desire to be there and share it with others who are creating it. That is co-creation.

When I want to listen and see beautiful music I am now able to “desire” it and be with others who are experiencing the same thing. I suppose if I wanted to sit on a cloud and play a harp with others who are doing that, I could too.

This visualisation is a difficult skill. It is easier to visualise something if you have already seen it – hence my tours out. I do not want Deanery Lane outside my garden fence but I will find a view I like.

When I am taken out, I feel the visualisation in the mind of the other person. They “offer” me a picture and if I like it we find ourselves transported there where there are other people too. It is quite a magical thing!

I am constantly well and vigorous and having the time of my life.


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