Notes from the other side – The games (one)

I have been posting the information my Mother gave me for a short while after she died in 2002. All the posts begin “Notes from the other side” except the first one which is called “Crossing over”

In the last post, I wrote that she had found a house. This was significant to what happened later when the people living in her old house complained she was haunting it! That led to more adventures. But I haven’t got there yet.

She told me about “The Games”…

28th February 2002

The Games

This is such a rich place! Such things I have never seen! There are the games. I really like the games! There are history games where those of like interests re-live a period or event of history – all co-created. These are real enactments of events where one can play a ‘part’.

The games make the cinema very pale in comparison. You can watch other people playing from any vantage point you choose, or you can take part. A knowledge of history is an advantage to make it convincing. Many historians play. By preconceived arrangement the course of events can be changed with different outcomes or it can be played with a comic twist of some kind.

Life games can be enacted by people interested in the subject – often psychologists and councillors. They enact (or play) the parts of the characteristics of personality and actions of people and the game proceeds to some logical conclusion that would be the end, success or failure of that way of behaving. I don’t like them as much.

I have enjoyed the chase games. These are the hunter and the hunted. One I watched was a squad of what looked like Dragoons, mounted, plunging through forest hunting a running figure. At first I was repelled, but the man, looking like a peasant of some kind in humble clothes was so nimble with his mind, he altered the terrain behind him as he ran so that one horseman after the other fell into a ditch, ran into a rock, tumbled into a river so that eventually only one was left and with a final flourish the pursuer had his helmet knocked off first and then himself de-horsed by tree branches that the fugitive suddenly caused to develop out of the boles of nearby trees he had placed. It was very funny and very clever for all of this is produced by the mind and the winner is the one who creates the best outcome.

I, poor thing, am having trouble with the simplest visualisations!

You must understand that I find myself in the mansion of the mind.
The people here are studying and using the power of the mind. I have been drawn here, evidently, because of my interest in things of the mind and education. This whole mansion is about education. It is the mansion of the here and now where the Halls of Learning are.

There are many other mansions – each mansion is about an aspect of experience. Some are very dark and unpleasant and one is drawn to the one that suits one by the interest you have in your liking of that experience. Some mansions are of perversion, of violence, greed, shame, guilt and abomination!



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