Notes from the other side – The games (two)

If you are following this blog, you will know that after my mother died in 2002, she communicated with me for a short while. All the posts called “Notes from the other side” are information she gave me and the first in this series is called “Crossing over”.

Here is more information about what she calls ” the games” that intrigued her.

 I told you about me trying to make my home. I find others do not always have homes and that I don’t need a home – it is entirely my choice. Our homes are a good place to start one’s process of creation. I am happy with the way things are at the moment. It is good!

I must tell you about music. Music is performed during the games and also, more seriously as a performance at The Great Hall..

Music games are the way music is performed with instruments and these are highly intricate and can be spontaneous or pre-contrived. These music games are different to the music I have heard and seen that the Halls of Music. The games are mostly just an experience of virtuosity and heard with the ears, but the performances at the Hall are visual as well. The sound sculpts shapes and one sees the music in light and colours that are indescribably superb – a kind of poetry, well, I cannot begin to explain it for you as you could have no conception! These are huge compositions by the masters. They are profound, vast, and words fail!

The games are how people entertain themselves. But they have a very profound and serious aspect to them. They are rehearsals for a life to be taken on in the future.

7th June 2002 Rehearsals

The games are very important to the history of the world. They are the way History is “sculpted”.

The games are a way of setting up possibilities for the outcome of a life. They are serious attempts to work through ways to alter the course of events on earth. In a serious life, the person takes on an assignment – he or she practises first here by the construction of possible circumstances and how he or she might manipulate the outcomes.

We even have some suicide bombers here. They are “mind ” people. Have you ever wondered why their names and personal backgrounds have never been published in the west? They are the martyrs who before they incarnated played their suicide games here. They take on a serious life.

I call lives serious or not-serious according to the onerousness of the task taken on for it. A not-serious life is one where one could dabble comfortably with living without the deep pain or suffering or courage that is needed for a serious life.

As are lives  – so are the games – serious or not serious, but they are all a practise of the power of the mind to create circumstances. As a person THINKS is supreme in the nature of things.

There is not anything greater.


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