Notes from the other side – the dimension of learning and medicine

When my mother died, I received information from her at night. I took notes of all she said. All the notes are on this blog – all called “Notes from the other side” except the first which was called “Crossing over”.

The information continued ….

The people here are just people – not angels – full of fun and naughtiness – and characters! My, what characters! The personality is the motor that drives the vehicle and there is a lot of work going on here.

I have told you about the games, which, to me, has been the most extra-ordinary revelation of being here.

I have told you about the importance of the mind and how the ability to visualise with the imagination creates one’s world. I explained that this is far more difficult than you can describe in words and I told you of my problems when I first arrived.

Being intellectual is less important than being able to explore the possibilities of the mind in its free-range state. That is, of course, the possibilities of one’s OWN mind and not what other minds have thought, crystallised and classified.

I can really only speak for where I find MYSELF now. Here, I am in the dimension of mind exploration, learning, music, entertainment, art and all the “Halls”. This is an area of the “Arts”. I mean in the sense of University classification. So it studies all the arts. Closely allied with it is that area which studies the “Sciences” (in a university sense) and the “Halls” are scientific, medical, experimental, and mathematical.

There is a crossing over of knowledge and should one require scientific material, one is free to study there. In that area is the hospital and receiving centre.

The receiving centre collects those who have physically died, who are confused, tired or burnt out. But all that are drawn to this mansion are fuelled by a desire to learn because it is the learning mansion. Those who need to explore other aspects of being are taken to those other mansions according to their interest.

The hospital, as in your lives on earth, is concerned with physicality, the body and healing. People working there have dressed themselves in medical uniforms and do similar medical work as they have done in the past. There are hundreds of medical staff there. Light is the medication.


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