My mother’s death

About three years after we came to the UK, my sister, husband and I were at the bedside of our mother Gor Gor as she died. For me it was the most profound experience of my life. We had spent time preparing for bringing in the “end” and also time on preparing for the “beginning.” We squandered no energy in fear for fortunately we were of one mind as to the implications of death and we were all doing our mother’s death together.

We had talked together and with our mother in preparation for this huge event in all our lives. Near the end she and I often chatted while I ‘babysat ‘her in my sister’s home when we couldn’t leave her alone.

We talked about what it would be like on the ‘other side’. I told her what I thought knew. I think my mother simply reserved her judgement as to what she might experience. She had read books that had impressed her with possible evidence of continuation after death, but as a historian, her method was to wait and see for herself.

She called death her next great adventure.

She promised to try to let us know if she was still aware on the other side. I have recently posted the information she gave me on this blog. The posts are all called “Notes from the other side”.

Our mother died in hospital like most Britons do. The staff in the small local  General Hospital were caring and supportive. She had become well known to them during her frequent visits to the ward when her cheerfulness and unconventional character delighted them.

As we sat next to her bed behind closed curtains with the hustle of the ward and ‘life’ seemingly strangely out of place whilst the four of us engaged in this big event, we had time to thank her, love her and encourage her towards her next great adventure.

I had certain impressions which I will share with you because they changed some of the ideas I had previously had.

I became aware of a figure which I would call ‘the grim reaper’ leaving with something – a cloak, coat or carrying something. It came to me that he had removed the covering that had enclosed my mother in her physical body her whole life – like taking off the cloth on a bird cage.

When the grim reaper angel had gone, I had the impression of an energy ‘being’ of some kind helping our mother. This being was like a midwife during death. It seemed to be holding her, slowly drawing her away from her physical body. I felt this was ‘The Angel of Death’ birthing her into a new dimension.

I don’t think the ‘grim reaper’ and the ‘angel of death’ are the same energies. The first must be that which ‘permits’ death. The grim reaper is a good term. He cuts away the ties that bind a life to this dimension. The angel of death is the vehicle with which life flows away from the body. It is the one that opens the door of the bird cage and coaxes one to freedom.

As I sat on my mother’s right side and looked at her profile, the outlines of her face seemed to appear in double and there was a sharp gold line about an inch away from the surface of her skin – not an aura or light grey etheric – simply an outline of gold that was separating out from her form.

I was aware suddenly of her voice  – very clear in my head. But she was still physically breathing so I was taken aback with surprise.

She cried out excitedly “Libby, Libby, I am on the other side! It’s wonderful! It’s just what you told me! And there’s John!”

I believe she made a conscious effort to communicate to me knowing I might be able to hear her.

She went on breathing for quite a while after. But I know she had already crossed over in consciousness. Her voice was excited with wonder and awe and focused on speaking to me but “And there’s John” (her husband) was when she turned her attention from me to what was happening around her and she pulled away. I lost contact.

The nurse came in and said “Oh – she’s gone!”


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