Putting my mother to rest

The notes about my mother’s crossing over and what happened to her AFTER death are in my last several posts over three months, all called “Notes from the other side”, except for the first one about her “crossing” which is called “Crossing over”.

The information from my Mother stopped suddenly.  The night visits ended suddenly and there was no more information this way until many months later when we were horrified to see a report in the newspaper of the city where she used to live in Africa, and where she was a well-known writer,  that our mother was ‘haunting’ her old home. Friends there notified us of every development in the story, so we sent our grown up children who still lived nearby to meet the people making the allegations. They did not want money. They did not want fame. They were just ordinary folk who had moved into their new house, only to find a ghost lived there too.

I wondered whether our mother had somehow found herself in her real house rather than her imaginary house that she tells of creating in the notes I took. Well that was MY theory. But the family were divided and disbelieving. Remember I told you that my mother and I had made an arrangement that she would prove her continuation after death in any way she could. I believed, because it was I who heard her. I took the notes! I personally knew she was still aware.

I think my sister and maybe my husband simply humoured me and thought I’d made my notes up.

And my sister was particularly distressed that our mother was haunting her old house and cringed with shame that she was making headlines again – but this time as a humiliating ghost.

So, as a family we investigated what we could do to help her. To do something for her seemingly restless spirit.

Our mother indicated during her ‘haunting’ that she was not happy with the new owners of her house either in the kinds of people they allowed to crowd into it nor with the way they behaved there. She was being a nuisance to put it bluntly.

The local newspaper reported some entrepeneur was thinking of setting up “Ghost Tours” to the house, which is upsetting – especially if the ghost belongs to YOUR family.

So we got a friend (a priest) to help us and we sent a very generous donation to his mission. He donned his priestly robes and in his official capacity, he went up to her home and exorcised it for the new owner and then held a ceremony – three special masses – in his church. The aim was to put our mother’s soul to rest. We had another ceremony here in the UK so she would find a more restful place to be.

Now, of course, with hindsight and remembering her promise to show us, if she could, that consciousness remained after death, I think she showed us well –  but not in the way we expected!

And unfortunately, when we could have really communicated, we cut the connection in panic, and we never heard from her again.


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