Making a Light Room at The Place of Angels

Over the years we had altered the workshop and the ‘servant’s quarters’ outside (typically South African) into a proper little granny house where most of our children lived just before they left home. But by the time my voice started speaking to me we, being very short of money, realised that if we rented the granny house out, it would bring in some revenue to increase our earnings. But our plans were thwarted. It was this little place that Sheel told me to make into a healing room where I would work using light. She had instructed in her normal way with a lot of ‘coulds’ that I took to mean ‘should’ – but although this description below was the general idea, it was never like that in actual fact.

Sheel said “The flat could be made into a colour therapy ‘clinic’, which you might call any name you wish. The little room upstairs could be used as a meditation room where I will guide you for a while. The outer room could be an interview area and a little shop where you could sell crystals, healing herbs, and booklets. The inner room you could consider your jewel room with stained glass windows. The whole room will become a spectrum.
You could fit a small air-conditioner, but the windows should be kept closed. You could make a screen, beautifully decorated with glass jewels of intense colour and mirror pieces. It should be magnificent and breathtaking. The room and bathroom could be entirely white with a white fluffy carpet. People could wear white satin pull on ‘socks’. People could wear a silk robe of a colour of the spectrum – each colour has a specific treatment use. The therapist could wear white so as not to deflect the light from the windows.
In the centre of the room that would have no ornaments of any kind, you could construct a raised dais or have a healing bed under a slowly revolving mirror chip ball, which would bounce light off the walls and the screen. This might help in relaxation.
Plant the garden – your special garden with brightly coloured flowers. People could spend half an hour in the jewel room and half an hour outside in the sunshine in the little garden, or under a coloured Perspex umbrella of the colour treating their affliction.
The Jewel Room should be as truly beautiful as it can possibly be. Make a place of some kind to your taste.”

Well, what Sheel overlooked was that in THIS dimension, we are ruled by MONEY! I’m afraid, in reality my healing room was never an exquisite place at all! We had absolutely no money to spend on it, and refused to get into debt. So I shamelessly pinched cash from the grocery money to buy the few tins of paint we needed to paint everything white – including the floor – so that it would be reflective to light. We also painted the window panes with stained glass paint.

I never had the courage to sell anything from the outer room in case I came up for criticism at trying to make a profit from the voice in my head. I have a problem with making money from others who are also on a spiritual path. Someone suggested I have too often incarnated as a priest or a nun or someone who’d taken the vow of poverty. She said I didn’t need to carry on in this lifetime too! We might not have ever had money – but we’ve had an abundance of all the other things in life and that’s really good.

The healing room never had fluffy white carpets which I argued would be totally impractical and I never made a garden at all. In your dreams! We were too busy trying to keep our own lives together, our own house clean and feed our children.

The windows in the room downstairs in the Granny flat were painted with stained glass paint. Each pane of glass in the windows (45 in all) became all the different colours of the rainbow. Each pane had a soft white opaque pad which could be pushed into the wooden frame to block out whatever colour was not to be used. Sheel instructed me to buy a prism, not to read any books at all until I was told I could, and to play with mixing different frequencies to make different colours of light. Daily, as well as instructions to improve what she called my ‘pitiful’ spiritual state, and the many lessons on self-discipline, I was taught about colour and light and how to use them for healing,

I assumed Sheel was female from the recipes and cooking instructions she gave me as part of my lessons – but of course she might have been anyone really – even an aspect of myself! Who knows?

I experimented on the family and myself in the light room. Everyone cooperated enthusiastically. We made full spectrum torches, and torches with beams covered with different coloured gels and we used them on every ailment anyone developed. One child used to regularly get a mouth ulcers that the doctor called rodent ulcers whatever that meant. They were very painful and the doctor explained they would last twelve days on average and that there was not much we could do but exercise patience. With the light in her mouth, we cut the twelve days down to only six – and sometimes less.

In those days I was very suspicious about Sheel’s admonitions that light was to be the medicine of the future. It took me ten years before I had the courage to publish my notes in case they were the production of my own insanity, but as the years progress, I am more and more convinced that Sheel was absolutely right. Not only is light used in all sorts of diagnostic ways, but radiation therapies and lasers of various frequencies are used to excise cancers and tumours. Green lasers are found to destroy less surrounding tissue than red. Now (in 2008) red, blue and green frequencies are used for many various conditions. It’s really ‘with it’ for teenagers to have an acne light. Recently, I have read of proper mainstream clinical trials on HIV patients whose mouth ulcers are healed through irradiating the lining of the mouth with plain old ordinary light – blue light in fact. And the importance of ambient light is still being researched as it involves our circadian rhythms and propensity to depression in dark winter months in the northern hemisphere.



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