The Place of Angels Prayers ‘n stuff

After about four months of playing with light, I became bold enough to ask a friend or two to come into my colour clinic as we began calling it. The result of our own family trying it was that there had been a noticeable improvement in our health.

Above the colour room was a meditation room where I practised meditation daily for myself and if there was someone being treated in light, I went into meditation. As my confidence grew, I began writing a short uplifting message for people to take home with them – or instructions on home treatment. Sometimes the messages became predictive or psychic. I cringe when I see my shocking handwriting and scattered thoughts reproduced on the carbon copies of these pages that I still have.

The first time I meditated in my new meditation room, I was given a prayer to say twice daily – and I did although its meaning eluded me for many months. I firstly did not know the word sentient and when I looked it up in the dictionary to find it meant “conscious, living, aware”, I could not understand how God could have senses, which was another definition. I remember feeling terribly puzzled at the time – but now I have grown in my understanding of what God is to me. WE are the sense organs of a vast and complex creative impulse we might call ‘God’.

The Place of Angels Prayer
God, Sentient Being, Throw a shawl of peace and joy over our home. As this night falls, (day dawns) Scatter sequins of bliss throughout our land (name your land) That they might outshine the violence. And bless this Place of Angels. Amen.

The first time I said this prayer was the moment The Place of Angels began.

Later I was given a prayer to say before meals and we used it especially at the Place of Angels when food was served. I still use it today for meals that feel like occasions.

Place of Angels Grace
Here is an abundance of food to delight us, An abundance of love to cherish, And may these blessings encircle the world. Amen

More and more people came to try our colour clinic. I became quite practised in changing the light and the room glowed with such brilliance I have not seen anything like it anywhere else. Whilst lying in the light, some people reported strange experiences not brought upon them by me – but through themselves entering different states of awareness. They received their own insights.

The treatment consisted of relaxing for twenty minutes on a comfortable white couch in the light of all the windows I’d left unblocked. There was always a predominance of turquoise and green in this first part of the treatment in the way Sheel told me to allocate the colour. I would be upstairs in meditation during this time.

After twenty minutes I would come in quietly and slide the pads into the window frames to block out the colour not needed for the condition being treated. Many people came to me in states of stress. Stress was always given the same light – orange and indigo were exposed to mix together in my room and this made a vibrant shocking pink. There would be a further twenty minutes of bathing in this most exquisite colour. What with a little talking, the treatment lasted an hour. People started coming back – and back again. I myself used to pop in at every opportunity for a quick fix in my own light room in my spare moments.

Once when I popped into my little clinic and lay down in indigo light to ‘fix’ my headache during a very busy day Sheel came through to me and as she often did there. This time she asked very scornfully
“What are you DOING ?!”
“I’m fixing my headache!” I answered.
“Well, why don’t you just take a PILL!” she snapped.

So I did.

Sometimes we need something more appropriate than lying in Indigo light for twenty minutes. At certain times some healing methods are better than others whether they be conventional or holistic.


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