My strip-tease customer at The Place of Angels

One day a woman arrived and sat on the chair opposite me in the little outer interview room I had at The Place of Angels. She was cosmetic in every way, very beautiful, well dressed with long elegant legs, which she crossed neatly. I used to position the chair so that I could see the aura of my client – a gift I had always had but which was becoming more and more noticeable to me. I had no idea what the colours meant but this woman seemed to be swathed in great clouds.

Her name was Babette and she was a strip tease artist who travelled the country living in hotel rooms and doing two shows nightly.

She spent all her money on her body which she considered her investment, having had reductions, implants and lifts for many years. She worked out daily at the local gym. How she arrived at my little clinic at all was astonishing for she was not the usual run of the mill client. I had never met such a person and my eyes must have dilated in surprise.

I had only just begun seeing people other than my own family and friends so I was completely at a loss of what to say. I took Babette through to the healing room and she lay on the couch for the initial twenty-minute meditative rest period in most glorious colour whilst I belted upstairs to my meditation room and accosted my angel to produce something meaningful me to for me to say. I wrote out this simple message which I passed on to Babette.

To Babette – (strip tease dancer feeling burnt out)
Always have an arrangement of green leaves or flowers in your hotel room. Go out and sit under trees somewhere. You need nature and interaction with animals. Use herbal bath salts or fresh herbs in your bath water. Nature is around you. Go and get yourself some!

Babette did.

On another occasion, she came to me again and sat in our beautiful garden to ‘get herself some nature’. She became quite a regular garden sitter. Her physical looks began to alter. It was like watching a plant revive after a drought.

Now she had a new problem.

This time she had got herself involved with a crowd of people whom she believed had cast a spell on her through black magic – she wanted to know how to protect herself. I would usually have no idea in matters such as these but as Spirit would have it, I had been to see a psychic friend and she had mentioned psychic attack – a new concept to me. (There is much more on psychic attack later in this book in my letters to Robert Bruce in Australia). My friend had given me instructions on what to do in such a case, like putting out bowls of salt, candles and eggs round the room so I simply passed the instructions on too Babette. I wondered if she would do it.

She did.

I never saw her again, but she used to send me messages from time to time. She changed her career from strip tease to prostitution because she could stay in one place and not travel so much – and sit in the garden with nature at the back of her little rented house in Johannesburg when she needed to. Also prostitution was more profitable than stripping.

Then she informed me she’d met a man – a lovely man, gentle and kind who did not beat her up – she was getting married. But he asked that she stop the prostitution. So she said she’d set up as a Madam of a brothel instead.

After a while I got a message that she was doing wonderful business in her new career and she liked it because it was an organisational job rather than ‘hands on’. She had bought a sumptuous home in Johannesburg with the huge garden to be near to nature: she had escaped from her black magician friends and her husband was still lovely. She was deeply happy!

Now THAT’S success.

(From the book The Place of Angels)


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