The Place of Angels – my first advices (one)

I wrote some pretty weird advices to people who came to see me at The Place of Angels.

And yet,

With hindsight,

They have a point!

I was in a state of expanded awareness at the time.

To Tommy, – (hypercritical of himself and others.)

In actual fact, there is nothing in anyone’s life that is of such grim importance to fret and worry about. It is all merely the scenery in a play that moves on or off according to the scene of life.

Consider the whole of your life as this impersonal shifting backdrop. If you find you are the main character in the scene, say your part and then forget all about it.

Move on.

The stage-hands will rearrange their props for your next scene.

Do not criticise your own performance in the play. Having played the scene, move on and concentrate wholly on the next one.


To Lil – (constantly fretting and depressed)

Practise one pointed thought. Only do what you’re doing. When done, move on, focus on the next thing, do it, move on. Have no thought of the past or of the future. Think only of the ‘now’.

The past is an illusion and the future only a dream. The ‘now’ is the only moment of reality and even that has gone in the very second it has happened. Squeeze every drop of joy out of the now and the past and future become luminous happiness.

Remember that everything is exactly as it should be! You don’t have to worry about anyone else, or even yourself. You don’t have to force yourself to alter anything around you or anyone around you. According to the law of cause and effect, the world, your world and the world of all other living beings is all right – exactly perfect.


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