The Place of Angels – Red energy (one)

Using Red for healing

I have found that many people on a spiritual path deny the red energy or base energy centres. For some reason self denial becomes spirituality. There is in spirituality self discipline not self denial which is a completely different thing. Some of the sickest people who came to me were following strict regimes of exercise, meditation, diet or behaviour. They were so busy trying to be ‘good’ they had forgotten that the body needs feelings of pleasure and delight to signal its cells to be well.

Most human beings repress the sensual life because it is the most observable and has the quickest backlash if abused. Your wife will leave you if you sleep around. If you drink too much constantly, then life becomes a mess. If you eat too much you might become overweight. If you solve problems by dishing out physical violence, you will be curtailed by the law – or someone bigger than you!

If you souse yourself in red energy, you become quickly spoilt – it even shows on the face of someone who has done a big mileage.

One day a man came to me with an inflamed and swollen foot. The doctor hadn’t helped it. He complained that he hated life and this world and that this was his last incarnation and he was gritting his teeth to make as much progress as possible so that he’d never have to come back here.

I didn’t know if he would follow the advice that my angel gave him which was to go for a full body massage and consciously enjoy it, but he came back the following week with shining eyes and vital energy. He had had a full body massage with an aroma therapist and had booked appointments for more. His foot was much better and he’d realised that if he went on hating his life – he was sure to incarnate again – so his conclusion was that he must learn to enjoy it instead – because that might be the lesson of his present life.

During this phase if my lessons as you see in the notes in my book Conversations in a Cupboard, nearly every one ended with the phrase “love your life.” And if I’d lost my temper or yelled at the kids, the injunction at night would be love your life, love your children or husband or business or friends or whatever had incurred my wrath.

During my desert phase I was constantly exalted to dance to happy music or make a special meal or love my food or make myself smart, have my hair set or be advised to treat myself to something nice and focus on the fragrance of the flowers. These are activities of the sensual energies. Once when my angel had suggested that making love with one’s husband was something I could remember to do sometimes as it was an entertaining rejuvenating activity for those needing energy, I mentioned this to a friend who was a way ahead of me, pounding along on her own spiritual path. She said “Well, I’m absolutely amazed! Sex is something we should leave behind us. It is unnecessary.”

Well, yes, sex IS unnecessary if you are already in a state of bliss. But I believe that the hormones released during an orgasm are physically very beneficial – I can just imagine Sheel asking me in a loud voice while I am struggling to achieve ‘bliss’ (a state of healing), on a very tight meditation schedule.

“What are you DOING?!” I imagine she’d say.

“I’m trying to get some bliss NOW because I need energy tomorrow.”

“Well, why don’t you just have an ORGASM?!”

Mmmm – well…one can laugh.

Well, whatever one’s belief, the energy centres need to be exercised daily for optimum health and they all work like this. We live in an electromagnetic ocean and we draw into the middle of the energy centres a very fine ‘light’ that is virtually invisible, of the colourwave of that particular centre. According to Sheel, the thought processes we are using at that time define this. The subtle energy gets drawn in, we use it as our vital force and then we send it out again. On the outflow it forms a small fountain, which is more visible because its frequency (if you like) has been lowered by us using it. The expelling of this fine light causes a layer of what one would call a waste product!!! (Sheel!)

The energy centres are simply energy respiration devices that allow energy into the body from the electromagnetic soup in which we live. They need to be demystified. Even animals have energy centres. But animals do not have chakras. The word has connotations of spiritual understanding – Chakras are developed through experiences leading to spiritual wisdom.

The base energy centre processes frequencies of light that humans need for remaining rooted in this gross dimension. It is used for physical energy, all the senses and appetites, enjoyment for life, feeling of safety in the nest (our home), and security there. If threatened it is these energies that are used for defence and anger. So to stimulate these energy centres for PHYSICAL health, a far better way than visualise chakras opening or whatever – is to USE them.

A person stimulates the flow of them by being aware of the senses, enjoying the appetites that make their life worth living. They need to feel expansive, generous, opulent, and full of joie de vivre. Joy radiates healing in ourselves and to others.

Disagree with me if you like, but a good celebration dinner with your loving family or friends or a massage with fragrant oils or even a deliciously sensual mud bath is more beneficial to people in the spiritual desert of self denial than even, dare I say it , meditation! The energy centres must be used not thought about.

Chakra meditations are something completely different and are used to ‘flower’ spiritually. When someone is ill, they need physical energy so their immune systems can clock in and their own self  to trigger healing mechanisms. So we work with the energy centres for they are most closely PHYSICAL. The time of the flowering of a chakra is often not under our lower mental control, but our higher self.

Someone asked me why I write so much about the rooting energies. Well, I do because they are the ones we have the most trouble with! Also, the base energy system needs to be working well giving us energy and vigour otherwise our physical ‘home’ will not serve us well. The Crown centre is usually accepted as being purple. Purple is a mixture of red and blue  – denoting a balance between the base aspect and the spiritual aspect. A good purple is made with one’s feet firmly on the ground.



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