The Place of Angels – red energy – meat (two)

When Julie first came to me,  (as usual referred by a doctor passing a ‘terminal’ person to me) she had gone through all sorts of rigorous cleansing diets, detoxes, and strenuous meditational visualisations and physical regimes. She was a strict vegetarian. The first thing Sheel said was “This woman needs lots of good STEAK!” I told her. I suppose she thought I was wrong but I believe she did try a steak or two.

I know many people interested in spiritual matters believe they should not eat meat and that meat holds back spiritual understanding. I have a different view. Each human being is already a multidimensional creature; not eating meat does not make us less so. I believe that it is not wrong to eat meat for it is a nutritious food. We do not have the gut of a vegetarian animal. But we need to select carefully the type of meat and the quality of it that we eat. Animals that go through a harrowing slaughter (which in our modern society they do unfortunately) leave hormones of terror in their tissues. But it IS possible to eat happy meat, or happy chicken because of those few who have made it possible for us to do so. Likewise, happy vegetables are imbued with light and people who are sensitive can see the difference. A commercial cut rose is VERY different energetically to a garden rose.

I have come to believe that everything visible has contracted with everything else visible in transactions of mutual agreement. Plants have transacted to be eaten. They also took on the role of the healer. Many remedies and drugs come from plants Animals likewise have a sacrificial role of feeding other animals (their healing role) and of being fed by them. You can see this in Mother Nature from hyenas feeding on giraffes to ladybugs feeding on aphids, birds feeding on caterpillars or other birds or ladybugs!. In fact The food chain can be viewed in pacific (peaceful) terms as quite disgusting or a miracle of interrelated agreements.

We forget that one of the constant healers in our life is food. Meat, (that is animal tissue) is full of healing and nurturing potential, packed very efficiently and easy to digest because of this. There is a difference between people who are vegetarian because they are revolted by the taste of meat to those who morally will not eat it. Morally, we cannot eat ANYTHING. There is good evidence that plants have a consciousness that reacts to violence – so do salads scream as we are chewing them? I have met fruitarians who believed they could eat only that which nature had fruited. But much fruit is not meant for us, but for the seed of the plant producing it. We cannot avoid being interconnected with plants and animals; we need to feel grateful that we are.

Gentle people are unsettled when they watch how vitiated society’s appetite for sensual delights has become in this consumer age. We see it and hear it and read about it daily. We do not have to take part in it but sometimes we need to brighten our lives – our own essence will not be destroyed if we stimulate the flow of our sensual, red energy so that we can feel really ALIVE.



3 thoughts on “The Place of Angels – red energy – meat (two)

  1. This is not the first time I have heard about contractual agreements – ie. animals ‘sacrificing’ their flesh in order to provide nutrition to others. It is so important to bless our food – it raises the vibration and we can transmute the negativity so we do not absorb the fear. One day things will be different – and better.

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    1. I like your optimism. ‘One day things will be different – and better.’ In the food chain, everything is in a system. The trouble with us, is that we kill SO much ‘extra’. I don’t know how technology could possibly make it better for the animals. Blessing food? Oh yes! But I mostly forget in my hurry. The old idea of grace was a good thing – so was sitting at a table to eat. I forget that now too!

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