The Place of Angels – Red – Paprika Chicken

In Conversations in a Cupboard, a book of my ‘notes’ from Sheel, one of my lessons was a recipe.

She said
“Go make a meal. This is the recipe. Take an onion. Chop it finely and fry till golden. Coat finely sliced pieces of chicken or prawns with flour seasoned with one desert – spoonful of paprika, salt and pepper. Fry. Add cream to make a light sauce. Serve with rice or mashed potato.”

In the kitchen, that night, I made this dish. The minute I added the paprika I knew it was going to taste horrible and it looked like a hot chili dish, which I knew the kids would baulk at eating it – and they did!

I accosted Sheel.

“That was an awful meal! Why did I do that? The paprika was far too much. I have spoiled all the other ingredients!! I am really mad! What a waste of money and good ingredients!” I was good and angry at my stupidity for following another stupid Sheel recipe.

She replied, “The cream and the chicken were not erased – they were simply masked. You learnt a lesson. Violence and passion seem to erase the gentleness in the world but it is still there – just as much a part of it as the ugliness and pain.”

Now that we’re many years on from that day, I’d like to say to Sheel  “If you make the same recipe with a PINCH of paprika, it is truly delicious! I’d like to point out that to mere mortals like myself, the vision of a world totally at rest is horrible! There would be no literature, music, or art. History would not happen. Discoveries would not be made. We would have nothing to aim for, no goals, no ambition, no excitement, and no ‘mountains’ to climb. Our human aspects of courage, faith, helpfulness and unconserved love would be diminished. Our fire would fade. The weather would always be perfect, because our tranquillity would upset the balance of nature with whom we have uncompleted transactions. There would be no death. The world as we know it would not exist and the laws of cause and effect which govern us, would turn turtle. It won’t happen, Sheel! We don’t want it to! Pass my Paprika please.”

Sheel always taught the highest truth  –  sometimes very impractical if you remember that we are all spiritual creatures practising being humans (a very difficult task). We are not humans trying to be spiritual creatures. We already are!

We are practising contracting with others, how to manage our interrelatedness successfully so that we honour every other aspect of creation and ourselves.
Using Red – the frequency of our whole Earth dimension is one aspect that we NEED to involve ourselves in. We cannot move on until we have satiated ourselves with the delight and pain it gives and then we’ll not need to be here any more.

On a very basic cellular level the frequency Red is the energy that heals. This is being tested more specifically as I write. Already red frequencies are used by NASA for healing astronauts because their wounds don’t heal in space. Red frequencies, especially red LEDs and Luxeons that produce a precise frequency, are being developed into healing machines that will be part of our healing equipment of the future. It has been found that Red excites the cells to rejuvenate themselves and it is also being used for pain. Infra red healing lamps have been on the market for years but red LEDS and Luxeons are less dangerous to use.

The mechanism by which the cells are stimulated to rejeuuvenate, or build collagen, or nerve tissue as photons of light strike them is already explained scientifically and the behaviour of chemicals in mitochondria are monitored by the photons they emit. We are amazing creatures!

We need to remember that our senses are our personal healing machine and they can trigger a kind of delight that makes for happiness, the greatest healing mechanism of all.


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