The Place of Angels – Julie (two) the snake

After many faxes, we visited Norman and Julie as arranged on their farm.

Our visit to the farm with Sister Haines, our friend and helper at The Place of Angels, culminated in suggestions of blood transfusions for Julie at the nearest hospital.

There had been discussion suggesting setting up a personal transfusion at the farm using blood from a friend or acquaintance lying on a bed next to Julie. A beautiful idea – but that’s not the way things work nowadays.

Julie did not want to go to hospital. She did not want ANY mainstream medical assistance. When the laboratory tested Julie’s blood for matching at the hospital, the technician thought he was testing blood taken from a corpse. Because of her experience nursing the dying Sister Haines estimated that Julie would have died that week. Sister Haines never called anyone terminal – she said they were the same as everyone else with a ‘shortened like expectancy’!

Fax from the Farm (after Julie’s transfusions) To The Place of Angels 

Dear Liz,

Julie is really well. She has spells of having practically normal health, she does easily get tired. We have a visitor at present. He is the organic certificate inspector who comes over once a year from UK to check that we are still doing everything on the farm properly. Julie feels so normal integrating with someone who has no idea of her illness and therefore treats her no differently from anyone else. Normality is slowly creeping back into her life.

We would like to come down to you some time next week, may be Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Could you please make an appointment with MP for of any of those days and let us know when it suits both yourself and her.

I am concentrating my tuning forks on creating happiness for JulieRose she’s still not sure about the Rose part. I am. I’ve seen her being transformed from the yellow rose of Texas to the most beautiful red rose right before my eyes.

We are looking forward when the time is right for a good holiday. Anywhere, but somewhere blissful!

Love to you all,

PS I still owe you for the shopping. I will refund when I next see you.


I saw Julie on the 31st January at my clinic and noted how well she looked. I remembered the day because Julie was on the bed and I walked in to get her up and saw a snake on the floor beside the healing bed.

I said to her “Don’t move Julie, but there’s a snake on the floor. Just lie still.”

She half sat up, and in my concern for her, my shock and offence at finding a snake in the room, and wondering what I was to do next and trying to get her off the bed, I lost sight of the snake (we both saw it because she sat up to look). We ransacked the whole place when she had gone, and never found it.

I thought about the snake and it’s affect on ME. At that moment, I was horrified, upset, invaded, threatened, and my sacred place seemed to have been violated. Because I did not want Julie to feel the same, I researched the symbolism of the snake and faxed my results. One of our workers, a Zulu woman, suggested the snake was a vision from God. I asked her what God meant by it. She turned her eyes away and wouldn’t answer me. But I knew what she meant, because I thought so too.

I suggested to Julie that it might have been an illusion and I wondered if it had been. I had tried to identify it by its little heart shaped head but found no snake in our area like that. The snake I suggested to Julie was an ancient symbol of healing also found on the Caduceus.

But I think she knew too.


2 thoughts on “The Place of Angels – Julie (two) the snake

  1. Isn’t it interesting how we are given information. The most unexpected and in your face signs are so dramatic, as obviously was the snake in this instance. I find that the moment I become aware that it IS a sign it disappears, as its work has been done.

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