The Place of Angels – Julie (three) the final

Julie had a second transfusion. After this transfusion Julie was well again for a while and we prepared to leave for a two months trip to England. Not long before we left I got a fax. I think this was my ‘dismissal’ letter from Julie.

Whenever I had seen her I certainly had not promised her that she would be well and healed by me or anyone else. I think all my correspondence with her quite depressing – warnings really to ACCEPT her circumstance and prepare for her own death.

I have all the notes she made during her battle with cancer, that relate how every healer she visited assured her they could heal her. I don’t think this is right. I gave her no such assurance and could not do it. I remember sending off messages on acceptance, the indestructible nature of ourselves as spiritual creatures, something on ‘judgement’ not being instigated by any other being but ourselves, afterlife life reviews and the nature of death… awful to hear all these things when you are fighting to live!

My dismissal letter

Fax from the Farm To The Place of Angels

Dearest Liz,

I really appreciate what Sheel has brought to me, and I realise that it was through your sacrifice that I was able to receive this gift.

I am feeling very well and strong and feel able to take over my power in the healing process. I am receiving help from many sources and feel full of energy, gratitude and joy.

I thank you for your caring, and feel that I would like to free you of the responsibility of carrying me from now on. You have been very loving and made great efforts on my behalf.

Be free, and have a fun filled carefree holiday in England.

Much love to you,


Sometime around this time Julie went into hospital to have radiation therapy. This was far too late really. I know no details of that. I gave her a beautiful peace of calcite as a gift. We saw her in hospital in Durban once when we went down with Sister Haines. I also think she’d found a herbalist who said she could cure cancer with a certain herbal brew. Julie went on this new regime too as far as I know.

We went to the Farm one more time to see how Julie was. She had pains down her legs and difficulty in walking. I deeply offended her by asking ‘Will this never end?’ or something equally upsetting which was stupid of me and reflected my inner hopelessness.

After this we followed her experience through friends and acquaintances. She and Norman had a very bad time of it we heard. Julie’s pain was terrible yet she fought off death with all her might.

I am of the opinion now, that cooperating with death when it is inevitable could make the process more comfortable. This is borne out by medical research so that more and more hospitals in the UK have specially trained staff to help people deal with death. Those to whom death is coming are also helped by drugs to control the pain – something main stream medicine excels in.

I wonder If Julie ever had pain killing drugs? They are such a blessing. I would have hoped so. They are to me, an essential assistance to those in extreme pain. If she had no proper pain control, her end must have been terrible.

She and Norman were courageous people and when I check Julie’s diary which Norman was kind enough to let me have, she had extended her life through using holistic healing techniques and a large personal healing team by three years more than predicted by the doctors.

Cervical cancer is one of the easiest cancers to prevent. It can show up in a cervical smear test ten years before it develops. When Julie was diagnosed with cervical cancer the doctor advised an operation immediately.

Had she chosen to have that operation she might still have been alive today!


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