Journeys out

My information was always given to me claireaudiently, so as I pointed out in Conversations in a Cupboard none of my invisible friends/contacts could be visually checked and even if I’d seen Paul, some beings from other dimensions have the skill to shape shift so how would I have known who he was? All these unknown possibilities make working with consciousness other than our own very suspect.

I was given Paul as a gift by Sheel at Christmas. He was someone to help me astral travel, a skill I’d practised till I strained every muscle and made my eyeballs ache – with absolutely no success.

I wonder whether beings from another dimension can actually affect us by manipulating energy, but I doubt it. I had a difference of opinion with a well known Australian writer about psychic attack. He maintained he was actually physically wounded when ‘rescuing’ babies and adults from psychic attack. In my years of meeting conscious beings working in other dimensions, I have never been under attack of the psychic kind. Though, I do remember a funny incident when Sheel was showing me around other dimensions at a time when I was projecting spontaneously with her.

We explored a place that was filled with the strangest creatures – little animals really. Sheel would catch one and give me a lesson on its anatomy, or stroke it while it squirmed desperately in her hands. I have mentioned before that on spontaneous projections I was never able to steer myself properly so, mostly, I travelled backwards. These creatures thought I was very amusing; they giggled a great deal and seemed addled by the desire to play constantly which was irritating to someone having a serious lesson.

At one stage, they decided to play tag with me and would race up, crack me a shot with their paw-like hands and run away giggling just like naughty children. In desperation I appealed to Sheel who simply said “Smack them”, which I did. They all thought that was even more funny than someone travelling backwards and ran away squealing and laughing with glee. But after that, I just had to pretend to lunge and they kept their distance. That was as close I got to psychic attack.

With Sheel, I was always taught stuff. With Paul it was entertainment. My adventures with Paul were always while I was fully conscious. They were not dreams. On a projection I was simply taken by him to places I’d not been to before.

These are my notes at the time. They are simply a summary to myself on what I saw so that I would not forget.

I thought I’d share them with you.


5 thoughts on “Journeys out

  1. A friend of mine has experienced psychic attack – for her it was physically excruciating. Whenever we are called to get together to do some spiritual work, we always make sure our protection is ironclad. Sometimes we have been asked to assist in work with very toxic beings. Those animals sound super cute 🙂

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      1. There are several steps :
        Start with a transmuting cleanse of personal energy fields/chakras and the environment using the Violet Flame
        Ground and connect
        Place yourself in a protective bubble that deflects all negative energy back to source
        Place a 360 protective dome around work space (extra strength as required and guided, according to instructions received)
        call in AA Michael with his Warrior Angels to guard from attack
        verify who is working with us to ensure it is from Spirit – if not, demand they identify themselves under Universal Law

        These are the most common measures.
        I use many of these in my personal life to this day.

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